SCHELLE: B64 Short Wheelbase Set, Tekno EB410 Strap, Yokomo Ceramic Car Set


Costa Mesa, CA- Nov 29, 2017

B64 2mm Short Wheelbase Parts Kit, Tekno EB410 Battery Strap, Yokomo Maifield Edition YZ2-DTM Ceramic Car Set

3 new products release this week for 3 different cars:  B64 platform, Tekno EB410, and Yokomo YZ2 DTM.

First….. Get the hottest “team” modification parts for your B64 or B64D to shorten the wheelbase 2mm.  Shortened wheelbase does 2 main things for handling.

(1) increase rear weight bias, giving more traction in the turns and typically more predictable on exit.

(2) increase weight transfer on power, giving better drive to exit the turns on both dirt and carpet/astro.

Short Wheelbase Parts Kit includes:

  • -2mm cut B64 rear arms (std kit material)
  • 2mm 3d printed pin spacer
  • 7mm 3d printed standoff
  • 30mm shock screws.

The Schelle Racing Carbon Battery Strap for the Tekno EB410 will make balance charging easier and also add some lightweight bling to your buggy.  In addition to the light weight and Schelle styling, the Tekno strap has a milled slot for balance port access to finish charging or checking your battery voltage before a race.

EB410 Strap Features:

  1. 2.5mm CNC routed premium USA-made Carbon Fiber.
  2. Rigid and light at 4.2 g.
  3. Increased clearange for natural chassis flex.
  4. 100% made in the USA.
  5. Package includes 1 Carbon Shorty Battery Strap.

Lastly for the World Champion Yokomo YZ2-DTM Maifield Edition Buggy, we have a complete car set of 14 Ceramic Bearings and 8 Onyx steering bearings.  ROAR National Champion Schelle ceramic metal shield bearings are part of the Black Diamond series which means they are for all-out, spare no expense racing.  Get the best for your Yokomo to make it a 17.5 class killer!

Product links:

SKU Description UPC-A Price Available
SCH1394 B64 Short Wheelbase Parts Kit 730699132873 $16.00 Pre-Order


Tekno EB410 Carbon Battery

Strap 730699132798 $14.00 now

SCH2315 Yokomo YZ2-DTM

Maifield Ceramic Car Set 730699132231 $90.00 now

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