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World GT-R Rules and Discussion

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World GT-R Rules and Discussion

Old 08-28-2015, 01:21 PM
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Default World GT-R Rules and Discussion

World GT-R Rules - Updated 3/02/2023

- Chassis – 200mm pan car chassis (WGT car)

-Minimum Ride Height – 5mm

-Minimum Weight – 1025 grams

-Maximum Track Width - 200mm

- Tire and Wheel Rules – CRC Part #2314 only 2021 - 2022 Rubber tire rule clarifications;

We have had some questions about the preparation and treatment of CRC rubber tires for racing. After 5 seasons of racing these tires, we have gathered plenty of data on the long term use and wear of the tire. We have tires still in use with over 4 seasons of racing on them, looking good and performing excellent.

In our experience, whether used for road-course or oval, the normal pattern of wear on a CRC tire is a slow-forming “wear ring”. This ring is parallel to the direction of travel or rotation and slowly gets deeper as the tire wears. This ring appears after many, many runs, sometimes after multiple seasons of running. Other than that wear ring, CRC tires do not show any signs of surface deformation. Under normal use, there are NO perpendicular lines or waves of surface imperfection. The tire surface stays flat. The race surface of the tire stays smooth race after race and never shows any ridges, ruffles, graininess or any “waves” of wear. We have years of experience and data on these tires. If a tire shows signs of anything but a smooth surface, it has experienced some other outside factor other than racing the tire on a carpet surface.

In an effort to keep rubber tire racing easy, convenient, more affordable and fun, we are adding a “Smooth rule” to national World GT-R rules package.

All tires presented at tech must comply to these guidelines;

** The tire surface must be smooth and free from texturing or waves.

** The tire cannot be trued, ground, filed, touched or manipulated in any way with a tool or object.

** No drills, Dremels, truing, sanding, paddling or grinding the tires. The only thing that should touch the tire is the carpet you will race on.

** The tire surface cannot show ANY sign of waves, ruffles, texture or lines. No past “shadow” texturing, or faint ghosting patterns. Smooth surface ONLY.

** No grinding the “bead” or mold line. If you feel the tire needs to be “broken in”, do it on the carpet track. Run it in practice in advance, let the carpet race track do the work.

** If you raced in the past on some kind of surface that left anything but a smooth surface, those tires will not be legal for use. Smooth surface only.

In addition to the “Smooth Rule”, normal handout tire rules are as follows;

** The tire or rim cannot be modified from the way they came pre-mounted from the factory.

** Standard inserts ONLY, no changes, alterations or replacement of the stock factory inserts. No dual inserts.

** Only the CRC black GT rim. No modifying the rim. The vent holes must remain open and un-modified.

** These are only available factory mounted, so ANY internal work is not allowed. Nothing added inside, no tape, weight, no modifications at all.

** Super glue on the sidewalls is allowed. No modifications to the inside of the tire.

** Balancing putty or tape may be added to the outside of the wheel (nothing internal).

-Battery – ROAR approved 1 cell (3.7v) hard case lipo. Voltage limit to be set by track (4.20-4.22)

-Motor – Any ROAR approved 17.5 turn brushless motor (Smaller tracks are encouraged to use 21.5)

-Rotor – ROAR approved tuning rotors are allowed

-Speed Control – Any ROAR approved spec class (blinky) speed control in “blinky” mode. NO RECEIVER PACKS. You may use a specific 1 cell speed control, or a two cell speed control with an external booster. Stock 2 or 4 cap banks that come with the ESC's only. There will be a limit of 10,000 micro farad on cap banks.

-Bodies – Bodies must be cut on the mold lines. No excessive cutting or lowering of the body is permitted. No lightening of the body is permitted. Wings and spoilers that are included with the body kits are ok if cut on one of the mold lines (if multiple mold lines are present). Wings are not mandatory. No additional aerodynamic aids are allowed. Backs of the bodies (including rear bumpers) are to be left in. No bodies that were designed for pan cars, no GTP, Daytona Prototype, IMSA, or bodies that look like 1/12th or 1/8th on road bodies with an integrated rear wing. If the body has bolt on pieces (for example the Ford GT B pillar side wings, or some of the HPI bodies have a bolt on rear bumper area), these must be used. This does not apply to the side dams that can be added to the rear wing. Bodies must weigh a minimum of 95 grams. Any weight added to the body to assist in the making of the 95 gram minimum weight must be added to what would be considered the roof of the vehicle in a non easily removed form (if you need to add weight, put some shoe goo in the roof). Any foam needed to take up space in between the body and front bumper must be added to the chassis, not the body. These rules are to encourage racers to actually put a paint job on the body and not just a spray bomb, as well as to keep some of the older heavier bodies competitive.

-Tires may stick outside the body as long as the overall width is within the 200mm maximum.

-Race Length- Have fun with this. If 5 minute qualifiers and 5 minute mains fit in your race program, do that. If you want to do 8 minute races, do that. If you want to do shorter qualifiers and longer mains, do that. We have run 15 minutes with ease. Work with your race director to fit into the program. Run time and traction are not an issue for longer races.

-Fun- 100% Mandatory!

Approved Body list:

- Any body currently on the USVTA (Vintage Trans Am) approved body list
- Protoform 1543-00 Cadillac ATS-V.R
- Protoform 1544-30 Chevy Camaro Z28
- Protoform 1548-30 Cadillac ATS-V.R (200mm version)
- Protoform 1532-30 Chevy Camaro ZL1
- Protoform 1542-30 PFM-10
- Protoform 1549-30 Ford GT
- Protoform 1557-30 Chevrolet Corvette C7R
- Protoform 1563-25 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1
- Protoform 1574-25 Chevrolet Corvette C8
- Protoform 1550-25 Ford GT (190mm version)
- McAllister 307 MX Stang GT
- McAllister 233 Lexus IS
- McAllister 211 Jaguar XKR
- McAllister 282 Mercedes DTM
- McAllister 311 WGT-R LeMans C6
- McAllister 191 2004 Chevrolet Corvette
- McAllister 192 Mustang Cobra
- Mon-Tech MB-019-008 Trofeo GST
- Mon-Tech 020-004 RSGT3
- Mon-Tech 021-003 Akura GT3
- Mon-Tech MB-022-015 Quattro C
- Mon-Tech MB-022-009 Divo
- KYOFAB451 Kyosho Dodge Challenger SRT
- KYOFAB158 Toyota Supra
- HPI Racing 103886 Nissan 350z Hankook
- HPI Racing 106108 2011 Ford Mustang
- HPI Racing 108064 Scion FR-S
- HPI Racing 108370 2012 Porsche 911 GT3
- HPI Racing 109930 1969 Ford Mustang
- HPI Racing 17502 De Tomaso Pantera
- HPI Racing 17503 Chevrolet Corvette C6
- HPI Racing 17504 Ford Mustang GT-R
- HPI Racing 17518 Nissan 350z Greddy
- HPI Racing 17526 1967 Chevrolet Corvette
- HPI Racing 17527 Porsche 911 Turbo
- HPI Racing 17530 Nissan Silvia
- HPI Racing 17538 Nissan GT-R (R35)
- HPI Racing 17539 Toyota Supra Aero
- HPI Racing 17541 Porsche 911 GT3 RS
- HPI Racing 17542 Lexus IS F
- HPI Racing 17543 2010 Chevy Camaro
- HPI Racing 17544 Alfa Romeo 8C
- HPI Racing 17548 BMW M3 GT2
- HPI Racing 30730 Lexus LS430
- HPI Racing 7038 Porsche 911 GT1
- HPI Racing 7418 Porsche 911 GT3
- HPI Racing 7424 Toyota Supra
- HPI Racing 7427 Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R
- HPI Racing 7435 Porsche 911 Turbo
- HPI Racing 7440 Toyota Celica
- HPI Racing 7452 BMW M3 GT
- HPI Racing 7485 Nissan 350z Nismo GT
- HPI Racing 7486 Toyota Supra GT
- HPI Racing 7495 Ford GT
- HPI Racing 7499 HPI Racing Impreza
- Tamiya 51450 Raybrig Honda HSV-010
- Tamiya 51200 Xanavi NISMO GT-R
- Tamiya 51195 Raybrig NSX 2004
- Tamiya 51544 LaFerrari
- Tamiya 51526 Ferrari 458
- Tamiya 51586 Acura NSX
- Tamiya 51590 Mercedes AMG GT3
- Tamiya 51592 Ferrari F12 TDF
- Delta Plastik 0034 Subaru
- Delta Plastik 0037 Porsche 911
- Delta Plastik 0040 F50
- Delta Plastik 0049 Viper
- Delta Plastik 0050 Lotus Elise
- Delta Plastik 0052 CLK
- Delta Plastik 0055 Ferrari Enzo
- Delta Plastik 0056 Diablo
- Delta Plastik 0058 BMW M Coupe
- Delta Plastik 0402 Panoz Esp. GTR-1
- Delta Plastik 0405 Mustang
- Delta Plastik 0417 Ferrari F355 Challenge
- Pitlane Hobbies PLAMGT AM-GT
- Pitlane Hobbies PLLM600 Marcos Mantara LM600
- Bitty Designs BDGT-190AGT Agata
- Bitty Designs BDYGT-190AHU Ahura
- Bitty Designs BDGT-190R8 AR8-GT3
- Zoo Racing ZR-0007-07 Zoodiac

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No disrespect to the people that had started or posted in the prior WGT-R thread, but I needed a thread that I could update the first post to keep things current.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
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How about the HPI Pagani Zonda #17523?
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Old 08-28-2015, 03:23 PM
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I'm digging it man! Very similar to spec 17.5GT,especially the esc rules u guys knock it out the park on that one ! Can't wait to buy the tires and get it going!
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Dumper- when will premounts be available?
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no tamiya bodies?
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Thumbs up

How are these tires on black top asphalt ??? Very interested to know we are looking for a spec tire for a up coming race .
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Originally Posted by R3VoLuTiOn
no tamiya bodies?
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Are we going to run this class in holloween classic or start it up at the cleveland nationals
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What about the Protoform LFA?
It is a 200mm body.
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I was going to convert my F103 F1 car to WGT-R specs but seeing as the mandatory CRC rims won't fit it, I guess I'm out.

The key to any class growth is low barriers to entry. The are a lot of old F103's and F104's out there in closets, not being run. Make the TIRE mandatory, but not the rims, IMHO. Let the guys bolt up the F1 wheels w/ the spec tire and boom. You have a lot of cheap potential WGT-R cars. All they need is the body mount adapter kit.


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I like how this is looking you guys. I havent ran my RC10R5.1 in over a year. It woul be nice to get this back on the track.
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Originally Posted by howardcano
How about the HPI Pagani Zonda #17523?
That body looks too much like a GTP style car.
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Originally Posted by hanulec
Dumper- when will premounts be available?
I would suspect around November time.
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Originally Posted by vivo quevas
What about the Protoform LFA?
It is a 200mm body.
That body has been discontinued.
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