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Default Amp headroom

Is there a guideline for how much headroom you should leave in terms of what battery is capable of delivering in amps versus what the motor is rated to draw? The obvious is that the same number for both is dumb but how close is 'safe', For lack of a better word. Up to now, I've gone as high as I can but I've recently been looking for a 3s and there seems to be a lot of packs around 100-120amp, Which is why I ask. Think the most hungry motor I have is 80a
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the biggest amp draw... is Zero to 5 mph....

limiting factors..
wire size between battery, controller, motor... the type of connections for same.
then the ability of the controller to handle said amps...
motor ability to USE the amps
the ability of battery to supply the voltage and the amps.

if you Race... say a 5 minute race.. you want to have 500mah remaining .. a little more is better...
I run 10.5 motor... 4 pound truck.. 5 minute race.. I use on average 1,400mah... 100c ... and run 4,000mah battery.
so IF I wanted to... I could safely run (2) 5 minute races without charging... but I always recharge after each race.

I do not know IF I answered your questions...
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From my experience if the battery can't deliver the required amps the car is just slower. I have some NiMH which I use when mucking around with my son and no matter what I did to the ESC (boost, turbo etc) one day playing with settings the car just ran the same. Threw in a 100C lipo and the car flew. So if you get one too small then you could be underwhelmed by the performance.

I suspect that if you run a battery that can't supply the load easily that you could damage it over time but not 100% sure.

I doubt you need too much headroom, as long as the battery can supply what the motor demands it should be fine. I only run 2S and so its easy enough to buy battery packs that are far better than i need.
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