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Old 08-05-2011, 07:03 PM   #16
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Originally Posted by Trugsta View Post
Yup Im down with that.
I joined this forum not too long ago because of the awsome information about every aspect of this great Hobby from chassie to servos,tyres to engines.........................

Aren't you the one that said not to trust asians and americans?

if they were an asian american, they must be scum of the earth
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Old 08-05-2011, 10:50 PM   #17
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If your a RCTECH regular you know the A holes Its a forum a lot of key board players giving bad advice not viewing a person position / experience / problem. The you have the guys thinking they know everything taking a guy down the wrong path.

Then we have people tell new guys you need a 500 motor / 900 kit and 150 servos etc cause its the best but no one realizes he's 13 with a paper route

Promoting the hobby brings new guys into the scene adding more excitement and past time for everyone. Another kicker is when a new guy come on asking a question people then cut him down basically telling him to F-off seen a few threads this week.

The moral of the story its a hobby but fighting over a engine or a kit is entertaining whats scary some are very serious and angry "Crazy" cause someone asked whats better. 8 out of 10 representing a key board bully normally are the biggest girls .
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Old 08-05-2011, 11:15 PM   #18
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I hope that everyone thinks that I am one of the good guys. That has always been my intent and I have tried my best to give honest and accurate advice from my knowledge and/or experience.

Yes, WE have to as a group need to work on getting newcomers into the hobby and wanting to stay and wanting to get their friends involved. From what I have seen in my humble opinion is Traxxas brings in tons of newcomers and WE push them back out of the industry for 100 different reasons.

Definitely not self serving in the long run, especially with a discretionary income based product in a bad economy.

Look at it this way, you are kicking around the idea of picking up golf or tennis and you read forums like this, would you want to do it?

Now I will say that anything motorsports related tends to be brand loyal...

Losi vs AE, AKA vs Panther, Maxamps vs Reedy, Tebo vs Drake, etc.....

just like Ford vs Chevy, Goodyear vs Firestone, Earnhardt vs Gordon, etc...

Honda vs Yamaha, Pirelli vs Maxxis, Reed vs McGrath, etc....
I mass produced the first electric 1/8 scale buggy and truggy.
I have thousands of dollars of caster racing inventory available.
Semi-Retired from this industry at this time.
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Old 08-06-2011, 03:18 PM   #19
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I run a music/recording forum that suffers as well....
Bunch of old musicians ready to cut one another's throats over music, of all things.
If we can fight over music, well, 'nuff said....
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Old 08-06-2011, 04:16 PM   #20
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Originally Posted by bigjayjay1 View Post

"but no one realizes he's 13 with a paper route"

"8 out of 10 representing a key board bully normally are the biggest girls ."
two awesome points in one post.
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Old 08-06-2011, 07:13 PM   #21
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Originally Posted by Greg B View Post
Man, after reading many threads, I see alot of nice post by some good people. More than not, I run across a post with nothing more than flaming a company, product or even worse and individual. I know we all get heated from time to time but we each own and run pretty much what we want. We do it because it's what we like and we all differ.

To be very honest, in the midst of the economic downturn that has not only hit this country but the whole global cummunity, we should all be very thankful that we can enjoy this hobby. We should be tickled pink to even get to the race track. Some folks are really having it hard and it's not by choice. When you're on top theres only one way to go.

I've been guilty of doing the same but is it really worth it? Trying to convince others that our way of doing things is the only way of doing things is totally absurd.

I know alot of people that would love to simply have the money in a years time that most of us spend in a month, and this is just a hobby. There is nothing wrong with taking it serious. I take it serious and want to do the best I can when I am racing, but at the end of the day, it needs to be about having fun, enjoying time with friend and/or family and helping others.

Each and everyone of us here on RCTech have a certain amount of responsibility to those who are trying to get involved in racing and nothing more than a positive attitude helps everyone involved.

Peace out brothers.
Greg, the way you stated that was simply sublime my friend. Words of a prophet I tell you! I'm new to this forum, and already I can relate in many ways to what you're saying. I see the senseless arguments and other quite frankly, ignorant comments about things when all someone is trying to do is get an answer to a question or a solution to a problem..

I'm here to share what I know, and to learn from anyone else willing to share what they know. And of course let's not forget folks, this is a hobby. Of course for some it is a profession, however the hobbyists who take things so seriously that they blow their tops when someone bumps them on the track or simply objects to the tin can they've got wired up powering their kit, are where the sad stock of the R/C community can be seen. Let's stick with constructive arguments and not get nasty people, shall we?
Chris W
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well, for me may seem like a Cop-Out but i just all together stopped "Helping Here" in relaity not worth it.....???
i hate to make it sound bad...??? but like some have mentioned it's true 99.99999999999999% of the "ONES" that think they know something...??? "Do Not" and end up giving advice that can not help...??
"Hak" made a good example....
and in another example,in the end really you'll find a hard time finding bad equipment,so much has improved over the "Many Years" i have been doing this......
anyone remember the "Red-Cell" Ni-Cad's......
Then remember when the 1700 came out...!! just from then to now so much has changed,heck anyone remember when
"8-Track Tapes were Introduced"...??????....LOL i can.....LOL
kits,parts,electronics...the list goes on and on.....

and to the other part, Knowledge base....
but most concepts are the same...."Knowledge and Wisdom" still kinda go hand and hand......and most do not know how to carry that "Knowledge" in a Un-Biased manor to convey the "Wisdom" they have "LEARNED".......
i have tried....??? but some kids hiding behind a screen with a Paper routes or sitting in a Collage Dorm,that paints one or 2 bodies a week??
or races maybe once a Month?? and never tried or used any other "Equipment" "Sometimes" just do not Posses the "Humility" to understand some of us have been doing this as long as they have been "Alive", and have picked up a "Tip or 2" to help others....but they do not see that..and then Interject an "Opinion"
that sometimes are almost "Worthless" to the General Hobbist,
who has nothing better to do but drop posts after posts on anything and everything and knows "Nothing"

so myself i say hello from time to time maybe make a joke or 2 with friends from tracks "Localy"
but i just help at the tracks nowdays......
but helping with advice around "Here" with the 5 to 7 people Roaming around "Here" in these forums pretty much "Slamming" others doesnt make it worth it.....
no doesnt chase me off.....??? but Misery Loves Company,and i like to hang out with the Cheerfull ones....

and True what was said if i was thinking of picking up on this hobby
and i started reading here in these forums....???
i proabally think Twice?? i have to ask myself are these same
A-Holes going to be at a track i race at.....????
the more "Experianced" ones know they are not.....???
it's a Hand full of Yo-Yo's....heck we have 2 or 3 at our track alone
there usually "Dissmissed" no one pays attention to them anyways....??
but here, it can reach out to "ALLOT" many might take this as a Base in Fact? and never know the difference....?????

same for myself,i am a painter by "Trade"
been at since 79' and my thing is there is no such thing as a "Stupid Question" when people ask me a Question on painting there real car or truck Helmet or R/C car... i have heard a Zillion times before
i treat it like i heard the first time.....
with "Respect that there Asking the Question" and they would like to "Learn" and not be Humiliated..........
i can remember "Where I Came From".....

but some r/c hobbiest have a attitude like everyone else is "Stupid"

i personally would like to help more....!!!! and i race and i do "Well"
not the best driver in the world....LOL but i have fun...
but what i have learned in "Experiance" i like to pass on......
RGX Racing Inc. Custom Airbrush Graphics-D&B custom Bodies- VP-PRO
Progressive Engineering(R&D) MONSTER Drink / PRO-MATCH ,OAKLEY Eye Wear
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