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JPH Racing 08-31-2005 07:29 AM

Jack: I my have missed this, but will there be any changes to the rim material used on the 1/10 oval tires?

bigdog xxx-s 08-31-2005 07:35 AM

When will the pricing go into effect and when should we see the changes at our hobby shops?

Jack Rimer 08-31-2005 07:55 AM

We will be changing the oval rim material, but it has not been done yet. The new prices take effect tomorrow. I'm not sure when it will trickle down to dealers.

Rob Phillips 08-31-2005 08:03 AM

You know, my local hobby shop sells everything for suggested retail. So Jaco run us about $23 a pair, which is robbery for a set of foam tires( TRC's go for $27.99 so not trying to pick on Jaco ). Thats $50 for a full set of tires which will probably get chunked by the end of the day. So now Jaco is offering a new, better product, at a slightly higher price. OK I'm in, if, it will last three times longer, resist chunking, be mounted on a wheel that won't break, and fan me on those hot race days. :D

Ok one more question for ya Jack, How come I can buy jaco's over seas for less that I can buy them here? They used to be manufactored in my home state, not sure if that' s still the case. Never been able to understand that one.

Rob Phillips 08-31-2005 08:11 AM

Jack not trying to pick on Jaco here, I just don't understand how a set of foams can cost more than a set of rubbers. I think all tires seem to be over priced. It can't be supply and demand, I know the demand is there, and there's enough competition to keep the supply right. I would just like to see a price drop in tires acroos the board since that is the key element in all forms of racing.

Jack one more thing, Jaco makes that best rubber period! :D

Jack Rimer 08-31-2005 08:26 AM

Foam tires take much more labor to produce than rubber tires. Rubber tires are molded, foams are "assembled". We are actually LOWERING the price on our normal tires (read my first post). Significantly, I might add.
In order to compete and sell any tires overseas we must sell to our distributor at very little profit. He, in turn, is content to make next to nothing in order to move product. All of this is fine until you have his customers selling back into the US at unfairly low prices. We have complained, threatened, and screamed about this for 2 years. It seems to help for a while, then I hear about it again. This is one of the reasons we are lowering our prices domestically. Shops need to be able to survive and tires are a good consumable. They can't and won't sell product if they are getting pounded by people selling online for ridiculously low prices.
By the way, all the tires are still made in Virginia.

RayJ 08-31-2005 08:39 AM

my experiences with Jaco 2 stages
If your looking for rear bite in your nitro car the 2 stages provide a huge amount of rear bite. Accelerating out of the corner it's most noticable in forward bite. In fact I found i needed to run a softer front compound to compensate for the increased rear bite. The also wear very well. But you need to change your driving style

Couple of things that I feel that need to be imporved is the thickness of the 1st stage rubber/foam. You almost have to run these tires at least 61mm or so to get any kind of life out of them. The second thing that I needed was to increase camber on these tires to stop the sidewalls from coming apart.

Apex 08-31-2005 08:58 AM

Originally Posted by Jack Rimer
The 2-stage electric sedan tires are still in the development stages. We are getting good results in stock, but need to improve the performance in mod a bit. The sedan wheels are still dish, but are a little softer for durability. When we do the 2 stage sedan tires we will only offer 1 or 2 front compounds and 1 or 2 rear compounds. They will be the same color codes we use now.

For carpet racing, is it even worth it to develop a 2 stage electric sedan tire? I usually run tires sizes of 55mm to 57mm in mod touring. I just don't see how you're going to make a 2 stage electric sedan tire that really make a performance difference. What performance enhancing results have you seen with your stock electric sedan tire testing?

Jack Rimer 08-31-2005 09:13 AM

Ray, we have lowered the OD of the base foam so you can run smaller tires. In addition, we are using a more durable core foam on all the 2-stage tires.
I talked to Eric Anderson, Chris Mazzola, and Drew Ellis who tested last weekend. They say anywhere from 1 to 2 tenths per lap quicker with the new tires. The cars carry more corner speed and are easier to drive according to their feedback. Josh tested in mod and needed more bite. We will continue to try to improve the tires so they are faster in all classes. If we can consistently prove that they provide an advantage, we will release them. If they are not better, we won't.

Jack Rimer 08-31-2005 09:17 AM

Apex- people said the same thing about our 1/12 wraps last year, yet they were a definate advantage. If you have to run a slightly larger tire and you are faster, who cares? Faster is faster. Just wheel it! :smile:

jrrc 09-06-2005 10:00 PM

Ran the 2 stage 12th scale tires last weekend. Very good results with stock on carpet and 19t outdoors. 3 runs and virtually no wear. The purple fronts were great indoors, but pushed a little outdoors (19t). Next time I'll try the double pink fronts or a different setup on the car.

Brian Anthony 09-07-2005 10:53 AM

So what is the new retail price of the tires for TC, 12th, and is oval going to be lower in price as well?

Rob Phillips 09-07-2005 11:06 AM

So what kind of prices can we expect to see for TC foams now?

smyka 09-07-2005 11:20 AM

just to let everyone know about the wear factor of the 2 stage tires i used the same tires at the snowbirds and the nats and i can still club race with them this year . i have played around a little with the sedan wraps and after 6 batteries in mod i wore less then a 1/4 of a mm if i doubled that it would still be less then a standered tire right now and my car was way faster in the corners i believe once jack finds the right mixture (if you want to call it that) this will be the tire to run .. :tire: :tire: :tire: :D

Jack Rimer 09-07-2005 01:58 PM

TC foams have dropped $4pr to $18.00 pr. The oval tires have dropped in price too.
We have been frantically testing the 2-stage electric tires in preparation for the IIC race. It appears that the combination we have for stock is a real winner. We have had 9 drivers test on 5 different tracks with about a 2 tenths per lap advantage over regular tires. Although it is early in the season and many tracks don't have the bite in them that they will in a few months, we feel that the tires will only get better in these conditions. We are still testing for mod and should know more in a day or two. Either way, these tires WILL be available before the race and at the track in Vegas.

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