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Questions?? Mystery Spline Screw

I am looking for the screw size for the servo screw that goes into the Hitec C1 metal spline.

I have been looking for days now, and canít find one.

Firstly, I made an assumption that all C1 metal splines are the same. Iím not sure if that is true, so I will give you the specific servo I need the screw for.

The servo I need the screw for is an HS-82MG

I have found through research that the screw that comes with that servo appears to be a metric screw. Specifically, a M2.3 X 5mm screw. I couldnít find any information on the thread pitch.

I couldnít check it, because I could not find any M2.3 screws of any size anywhere to compare it to.

I need that same screw, but 2mm longer. So it would be a M2.3 X 7mm screw I am guessing.

Do these exist? I am mounting a custom part on the spline that has roughly a 2mm thickness after being pressed down over the spline.

I have searched online and found every manufacturer of metric screws that I could, and they all think Iím crazy when I say itís an M2.3 screw. They say they would have to custom manufacture that for me.

Before I am forced to go that expensive route, I want to first absolutely confirm the actual screw size and find out if I can get the parts that I need from HiTec or their distributors.

I do business with, but they were unable to find me the longer screws. I am almost positive I had seen them on their website quite a while ago, but I canít find them now.

If anyone out there has had a similar issue, please tell me what your solution was.
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