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Default RCNitrotalk.com

This is a site I frequent a lot in fact its the one I call home. I like it for the family feel rather than a site filled with too much immaturity. Great site if you want to join an RC family.

I am also a moderator there. Come join us and see, learn, share and have some fun!!
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Old 09-03-2008, 06:32 PM   #2
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Jon I'm glad you're enjoying rcnitrotalk. But My experience there ended up being quite different. I hope no one minds if I just cut n paste this from another thread.
Hey fellas,
Just wanted to say, boy am I glad to be a member of rctech! I just had an awful experience at rcnitrotalk.com. A bunch of us did really, but I guess I'm the only one that cares about it.
My boss actually started the whole thing when he got ripped off on ebay. He did a google search of the ripper offers name and it showed up on rcnitrotalk. One of their members got ripped by the same guy. So the boss joined the forum to see if he could get any info. That was a dead end, and he's got his money back anyway, so he gave up on the forum. So, being the fun crowd we all are, some of us started posting on his account. I actually enjoyed it at first but it soon got ugly. Let me just tell you there are 26 people here, on 4 computers. 24 of us are into rc, so it got to where we were posting all the time. I think we helped a lot of people out. ...anyway at some point there was a difference of opinion between one of the guys here and rcnitrotalks "moderator". No name calling on this side but the moderator just got onto a thread and started flaming. We still don't know why.
So the flamee (Larry) got pissed and I guess felt "well screw em if they're gonna be like that I'm not sharing any info with them." So Larry deleted all our posts. And some of them were actually good! So then the account got closed or something.
So anyway Holly (one of the gals here) and me decided we'd just join and continue posting. We joined and posted once and got booted.
The funny thing is rcnitrotalk edited our posts. Holly actually recommended rctech.net to one of their members and they changed rctech.net to say rcnitrotalk.com!!! I asked our IT guy to change our IP cuz they were blocking it I guess and I joined again, asking (politely) if I could post differing opinions from that of their staff. I got banned!!
The funny thing is on the first page of their forum they've got a sticky post that says:

"In July of 2002 Mike (WoodiE) created this site to fill a gap in on-line RC forums left by over moderated sites with agendas of promoting only their own products. He felt the need to allow members to express their unbiased opinions on the hobby and products being used. Over the years RCNT has gone through many changes to become what it is today."

I've come to find out that almost everyone on their staff is selling something.
So then we went back and looked at the thread that started all the hoohaa because Larry left his posts on that thread so people could see what a jerk the moderator was being. They edited most of the stuff he and the moderator wrote!!!

They also claim to be the worlds largest rc based forum but I can see from the number of posts/views here, that's not true.

So if anyone is thinking about joining rcnitrotalk or even visiting the site, take everything over there for what it is. Fiction.
Jon I've seen your tag on nitrotalk and you seem like a good enough guy. In fact I love your avitar. Maybe you could shed some light on this. Is this just the way they operate over there? When I joined their forum again (for the last time) I PMed woodie, thinking he must have more sense than some of those other guys, and I immediately got banned. Now I can just rejoin and keep it on the DL but, I like to keep things up front. Over there it seems as if they don't. It's unfortunate because the just plain ol members over there seem to be really cool and like you said it's usually real friendly. But for some reason one of the moderators over there in particular is just being a jerk.
Here I go again ruffling feathers.
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i was over there also and ..and i will never go back... but that's just me...
catch me if you can....


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Old 01-16-2016, 02:24 PM   #4
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Somethings never change and that goes for even in 2016.I'm not one to bad mouth especially when its someone that shares the same interest as I. But "IF" you're even thinking of joining RCNITROTALK.com let me tell you its a BIG WASTE OF YOUR TIME & you will become frustrated with those kids over there. If you stay quite & not post you'll be okay & wont have any trouble.

The moderators on that form are REAL JERKS. I've dealt with "WOODIE" or as I called em Peckerwood. lol! And I've dealt with Rolex, which is more like TIMEX. Don't waste your time on this site. They're scum bags. They give you a hard time about posting on there and take your post total away while they post as they feel. Rolex has a 32K post count since 2004. Where Ive seen another member that joined in 2004 barely had 200 posts.

They're a bunch of immature brats that have a place online to go to make themselves feel as if they were "Better than you" and the only place they have power over someone. They try to limit you from posting & give warnings about posting in old threads & how much you post daily or in between days. They try to keep you from reaching their ridiculous 100 post count. They judge your posts and delete them and call them "not useful posts" (no matter how long you're a member there). You won't gain access to post something for sale in their BUY/SELL/TRADE form unless you know one of them personally.

They are the most USELESS RC FORM Online. They may seem friendly but give it time as others have mentioned you will have problems there.
You will notice on that form that there really isn't much that happens over there. LMAO! ------------TUMBLEWEED ROLLS ACROSS-----------------------
If you want a good site, you found one here at R/C Tech.

A little exposure of RCNT and woodie the owner. Good Read!


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