• Hello, everyone!
    I would like to say sorry, had wanted to release in October, before many products!
    But has not been released in RCTECH!
    Now we are officially released 2 new products!
    Thank you!
  • NO1
    This is for Xray T3 2011 specially designed skid plate
    We are in between the protective cover and the chassis has a special double-sided adhesive

    This is my T3 2011

    Can see very thin
    Thank you!!
  • NO.2
    This is a parts box
    A total of 21 grid!
    Is putting the screws, nuts, gaskets and many other parts of the good things!

    This is my parts box, very practical, able to write in the above model into the case!

  • Thank you very much for supporting us!
    We will also introduce more products!
    We need to have agents in the world!
    If you are interested in our products! Please contact us!
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Thank you!
  • If you have any questions you can reply or email to ask questions!
    Thank you!
  • Where to buy your product?
  • have you guys stopped trading???

    contact me on [email protected]
  • Hello, everyone!
    We launched a new product!
    There are many titanium screws! Also introduced a package to the XRAY T3 2011 all vehicles titanium screws!

    We have flat head M3X10 M3X12 M3X15 M3X18 M3X5 M3X6 M3X8
    round head M3X10 M3X12 M3X15 M3X5 M3X6 M3X8
    Please look at our website for more!
    Thank you!
  • We have two new digital pocket scale, their accuracy is very high! Must match the pitch of a good thing!

  • Hello, everyone, we have recently launched a new product, there are many titanium screw set.
    Of HB TCX, XRAY T3'11 & 12. YOKOMO R12 and B-the MAX2 B,-MAX4 Durango 210 and 410, there is 410R. A variety of TAMIYA 201 and 511 501X 502X 416 417 417X.
    These are the new package, the price is very affordable! We will be looking for more agents! If you're interested you can contact our mailbox!
    Thank you!
  • Now that we have launched many cars Screw Set xray x12 tamiya tt01 3racing sakura s and sakura xi serpent s120, s411 top of the photon, rebel 12
    TF6 KYOSHO TF6,SP。舒马赫mi4cx,mi4cxl
    There are 64p and 48p price of the motor gear is very cheap Welcome everyone!