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Originally Posted by Turbo900rr View Post
Any advice on soldering the tabs of Li-Poly batteries. I'm not sure what the tabs are made of but soldering them sux.
You mean the individual cell tabs?

If the tabs are large (contain a lot of metal/surface area) then they act like a heat sink and you need a very good iron and large tip to solder them well. You may also need to up the temp about 50*, no higher than 750* though.

Originally Posted by gas-man View Post
what are some iron's yall are using, besides the team checkpoint? I'm thinking about upgrading my single temp iron now that Im actually starting to use it some.
The Checkpoint is just a re-branded Hakko. It is a good Iron, and I pick it over the actual Hakko because the graphics skin for it does not cover the temp markings. Weller makes some decent Irons for around the same price, but their quality ones, comparable to the Checkpoint and Hakko will cost around $150. The LPR station is thoroughly kick a** but is over kill for hobby use, it is basically a high end unit used for electronics repair, and you pay that high end price as well.
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