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Originally Posted by sidecarphil1 View Post
Hey guys , some advice , rebuilt my M05 today for a big race next month

Fitted some adjustable upper arms , and want to know whatmyou set the camber at ??

Also the car has a tendancy to pull right when i pull full throttle from a standing start , all bearings are good and everything is free and well oiled , on the straight it goes straight

Any ideas ?? I am running a 3racing gear diff with 500,000 oil in there

Thanks Phil

Any ideas for set ups on M-grips ???
As someone mentioned, it's best to let us know what sort of surface and whether the track is tight and technical or more open. Also mentioning whether your car is SWB, MWB, or LWB.

Carpet is not my strongest surface, but some of your questions I may have a little feedback on. Usually, cars that pull one way or the other out of corners have a couple of things going on. You might try playing with the amount of toe out. Usually you need to add some. Usually the symptoms you describe are brought on by too stiff a front end and/or tweak. Try setting your ride height than adjusting for tweak. All Minis are tweaked, some worse than others. And yes, whack something hard and you might have to recheck it.

I'm pressed for time right now, but will post the procedure on tweak later, if anyone wants it.
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