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Originally posted by SalvadoriRacing
take a look on the novarossi pricelist and you'll see that the microcasted set is cheaper than the chromed one.....

I've heard that the chromed set contains one microcasted piston and one HARD CHROMED SLEEVE......and maybe is true because only this difference can justify the higher price....
Both sets, the MCP and the Regular set have chromed brass sleeves with aluminum pistons , hence the ABC name (aluminum/brass/chrome). The difference as explained before is that one uses a piston machined out of a solid aluminum bar, and the other one comes out of a microcasting mould. The difference in price comes out of the higher labor costs (Europe) of machining the regular pistons and the high waste of material involved.
Which is better...."questionable".....seems the regular set last longer than MCP, which supposedly gives you some extra rpm's and withstands higher temperatures, but wear the sleeve faster.
So it's your choice between lasting engine or "arguably" faster but fast wearing engine.

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