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05-03-2012 until 06-03-2030
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All rules are subject to change and revision at any time.

Along with the rules listed below. Individual forums may have specific rules for that section as well. These are "stuck" to the top of those forums. It's your responsibility to read those as well.

We'll try to keep this simple, so that it's not too difficult to read or remember.

--You must be a member for 90 days AND have 90 legitimate posts before you're allowed to create a thread in the (2) For Sale forums. OR you can become an Elite member which will lift these restrictions. Any obvious attempt at "post running" to gain For Sale forum access will result in those posts being deleted and your account being suspended. Multiple attempts will result in a permanent ban.

--Posting items for sale or posting links to your for sale thread outside of the the For Sale forums are against the rules. If you're selling something you must use the For Sale forum.

-- No posting of advertisements or self-promotion announcements in any form. Simply put, if you sell stuff to make money as a business you must become an advertiser: http://www.internetbrands.com/travel/advertise/

-- No insults, personal attacks, profanity, name-calling or flame wars with other forum users. All obvious attempts to circumvent the profanity filters in the forums will not be allowed.

-- No photos or comments that may be objectionable content. This is a family-based sport, and a family-oriented site.

-- Do not post the same thread in multiple forums. The forums are not so large that someone will miss your post. If you don't know where it should go, post it in the General Discussion forum.

-- All Classified posts MUST have listed contact information AND an asking price---absolutely no exceptions. Photos are highly suggested, as well. All posts that do not list a selling price will be removed from the forums. Do not heckle another classified price, quality or description.

--This forum is solely for members' personal sales. New items may be sold, but not by any company, retail or otherwise, or by anybody representing a company. Should you desire commercial advertisements on R/C Tech, please review our Advertising Policies.

--All posts must list an itemís price. Auction style posts, and/or posts that do not have an item price listed are not allowed and will be deleted.

--Under no circumstances may users post suggesting that a listed item may be found elsewhere at a cheaper price. It is the responsibility of the buyer to search for the best deal. This should be a safe, friendly environment for members to sell their items without being undercut within their own threads.

--When using Paypal as a payment option, under NO circumstances can a seller request the payment be made as a "Gift", nor shall the buyer Pay as a "Gift"

--Transfer or sale of firearms, or any other federally-regulated items is not permitted

--The listing of Vaping products, tobacco/nicotine related items or ANY other federally regulated and age restricted items are NOT allowed in our sales forums.

-- Discussions should be kept ON TOPIC. All thread drift will be deleted, moved or locked. Habitual abusers of this rule will be warned. Please take personal discussions to e-mail or PM that's what they are there for.

-- Member infractions will be given to those who can't follow the forum rules. These will be handed out in the form of points warnings in the Form of Warnings and Infractions. These will not be rescinded for any reason. Multiple infractions potentially will result in expulsion from the RcTech.net forums and a banning of your username.

-- Registering anonymous usernames in the attempt to provoke others will not be tolerated. If you are caught using multiple usernames on the forums, all of you accounts will be banned.

-- Do not allow others to post using your user account. You are responsible for all posts made with your account. If a family member, co-worker or friend posts something using your username, it is 100% your name behind it.

-- Arguing with moderators or admins over these rules is a certain way to get yourself banned. If you believe you were unfairly moderated, bring the situation immediately to my attention directly via Private Message.

-- Signatures will have a maximum of 5 lines of text. Longer signatures will need to be shortened.

We'll also be watching for Advertising within signatures. This will no longer be allowed, as an added value to our RCTech Advertisers. To make this more clear, simply putting a link to your website, local hobby shop, or a online store or local hobby shop that you own is still allowed as normal. We want you to still be able to represent your entities online here on RCTech! The only difference is that we will not allow "Go to my store for XYZ Product" or advertising special sales on your signature. This also applies to ebay sales, race schedules, and our B/S/T forum sales.

Note, this is a repost of the Announcement of a couple years ago....this rule is in place.

All other abuse of the forums is solely maintained at the discretion of the RcTech.net Administrators and Moderators.
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