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Default in your opinion....

whats the best radio out to date?

also, for a friends question, how are the mt-4's? is it quick response?? he wants to start with one of those.

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Best radio out is the Airtronics M12. Futaba 4PKS second. KO Eurus third.
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Originally Posted by jonebonekc View Post
whats the best radio out to date?

also, for a friends question, how are the mt-4's? is it quick response?? he wants to start with one of those.

I love my MT4. Great value for the money. It has a high response rate, but you have to consider the RX and Servo into the whole response thing.

IMPO you can't go wrong with the MT-4
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Best radio for the buck is either the MT-4 or the 4PL. I decided on the 4PL myself mostly because it was factory back lit. Can't go wrong with either.

I am sorry but a 4PK or M12 is a waste. I used to run M8's and such back in the day, but now they are no longer worth the money compared to their next level down. Heck, even the new MT-4S radio has the M12's firmware.
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I totally disagree. No possible way that a 4PKS is, all around, as good of a radio as a Eurus. The quality might be better but the Eurus with the multi angle adapter is the most comfortable radio there is. I've had several of each. Futaba is a good solid radio but its no KO. I can't speak for the M12 I've never owned one or used one for any length of time but I'm sure its very good. I currently have 2 KO KIYs and those are pretty much the top dog radios today but the Eurus is still more comfortable. Nothing has the latency of a KO TX but all around I hear the M12 is very good. I'd like to try one.
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You're gonna get 100 different opinions...

IMHO whatever feels good in your hands is the best!

Just like my favorite radio right now is a DX3R, that's why I use it. It's light and easy to use.
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Best radio out is the M12.
Best value for money radio is the MT4.
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The MT-4 is one of the best radio's out IMO.
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No ones opinion but the person buying matters. It's all about comfort. I started with a KO Helios and have a Futaba 4PK now. In my hand, the 4PK feels natural (I use a drop down), but to others, it is not. All of the radios mentioned work faster then most humans can process, so the only actual concerns are the feel of the radio (number 1 in my book), and cost of receivers.
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Best is relative, make a list of your personal priorities ( fancy features, feel in the hand, price, accessories, etc.) and rate them all. Iv'e run tons worked on tons more and there are a lot of great radios. Iv'e almost always run Airtronics and currently use the MT4. Fantastic radio at a great price. Sometimes the little differences between radios are moot for noobs as they don't know what they like yet.
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Tried them all!

M12 - Felt top heavy have one for sale now! :P Lots of functions you'll never use, menu is a bit daunting. Steering wheel fell off during my first race with one which got a bit of a reaction on the drivers stand.
MT4 - Great little unit, but no backlight and rx's are expensive
4pl - Looks nice, badly built, steering stops broke after a month
EX-1KIY - Top Heavy, felt very twitchy to me, couldn't get comfortable with it.
4pk - Have had a few and am back to one now, feels good to me, easy to navigate but wish the antenna was internal
3pk - First 'high end' radio I bought, loved it except for when you ran enduros, after a half hr you felt the weight
* Will note the 3pk and 4pk feel very well built, and have never in 9 yrs seen one fail.
Flysky it4 - Nice menu, draws a lot of attenton but range wasn't great
DX3S/R - Range wasn't the best, especially with gassers.
M8 - Still have one these are a tank, they don't die.

Have I missed any?

But opinions are subjective, doesn't mean anyone's is more or less accurate than another.
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4pksr all the way. Ive had mine for about 6 months now and its awesome, easy to navigate, and feels solid.
I had a mt4 before but couldnt use it because my fingers on the steering knob kept hitting the trims.
Then I bought a M12 and had it for a month before I sold it. I couldnt get used to navigating it. But it was ok...
I wouldnt mind trying a KO but it will have some big shoes to fill.
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