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  • Alrighty folks, i've decided i'm going to run the same type of motor in both my truggy and buggy, that way if I lose a motor I can swap them if needed, so i'm going to sell both of these because the WS7 isn't enough for my truggy so I can run two of those..and the C6 is too much for my buggy on our track, so I cant run two of those.

    what you need to know: both of these motors are MONSTERS, the ws7 is smooth as silk int he buggy, and the c6 is breathtakingly perfect for a truggy. I purchased the WS7 brand new from my LHS, and I bought a fresh gallon of fuel. I ran 6 tanks of fuel through the ws7 to break it in, then ran it at the track twice, 2 tanks each day. This motor has never been raced, I'm not experienced to race yet so it's only seen a couple practice days.

    The C6 I bought on here, from a guy who bought the motor for a big race, then sold it. He broke the motor in, and raced it once then sold it to me. Personally i have 3 tanks of fuel on the motor, 2 tanks one day, and I got through one tank on another day before I lost a receiver and had to put the truggy back in the trunk for the day.

    when all is said and done, im still on my original jug of fuel I bought, and its over half full still. Short story: these motors are very, very fresh.

    -C6 SOLD
    -2045/HEADER SOLD

    I'm looking to get $220.00 shipped for the ws7 [Retails new for $365.99 at amain]

    Also have an RB-063 with an RB 98mm header, $60.00 shipped [almost brand new, retails for over $150.00 together]

    I will put together package deals if you're interested, stay tuned for more pictures.

    I accept Paypal and I ship daily via UPS, and I will email you a tracking number.
  • OKIE DOKIE found my camera...pics as promised!
    note: both motors, and both pipe/headers come with all original packaging and documentation



    2045 has been sold!, thanks.
    Thanks again folks!
  • Oh forgot to mention, neither motors come with clutches or motor mounts, I just didnt have time to take them off, plus my fingers hurt
  • Bump! Package discounts available on request, make some offers!
  • Bump, make some offers, lets get some stuff sold!
  • 2045 and header is sold, lets get the rest gone!
  • Sale Pending on the C6! Make some offers on the WS7 and the pipe to go with it
  • C6 Sold!
  • Let's get the WS7 and the pipe a new home... this motor is fresh folks.

    I'll cut you a killed deal ont he pipe with the motor, just PM me and we'll work something out...that 063 pipe REALLY wakens up the ws7!!
  • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    And keep in mind, this thing has way less then half a gallon through it... most people would consider it not evenf ully broke-in yet!!
  • pmd ya...let me know
  • PM Replied^

    Bump, more offers
  • Package deal, motor plus pipe and header for 300 shipped!
  • sale pending on the ws7, bump for the pipe and header!
  • PM's replied, going out to dinner be back in a few hours