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Old 05-21-2004, 05:35 AM   #31
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Default Re: pixxi

Originally posted by tone
Aggdaddy where did you get your pixxi?
From Towerhobbies.


I bought mine around Novemeber of last year and the price on it was much higher, $239
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Old 05-21-2004, 08:08 AM   #32
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Default Re: pixi

Originally posted by tone
................... what's good temps for these pixi motors
Got this information from J.Hottinger (ex Paris Racing)
Hope it serves you.

There is no IDEAL temperature for any engine. There are many variables that affect it; Ambient temp, fuel type and nitro content, altitude & barometric pressure, Pipe/manifold type and setting, clutch setting, glow-plug, gear ratio, available traction, How hard your driving, on road or off road Etc. Etc.
All of the following conditions MUST be met before any temperature can be considered correct.
The engine is assumed to be in good shape.
1} There must be a visible trail of smoke when accelerating from EVERY corner.
2} The idle is stable.
3} The glow plug wire stays somewhat shiny and the coil stays round [UN-DISTORTED]
4} The performance is good.

Actually when a new plug wire just goes slightly gray after a 5 or 10 minute hard run it means your very close to an optimal horsepower tune, but be careful the next step is TOO LEAN!
1} Wire and surrounding bottom of plug wet, with like new shiny wire = rich side of optimum power 85%
2} Wire and surrounding bottom of plug starting to dry and wire starting to gray = Very close to optimum power 95%
3} Wire and surrounding bottom of plug dry, wire totally gray but not distorted optimum power 100%
4} Wire and surrounding bottom of plug dry, wire distorted = slightly lean DANGER!
5} Wire and surrounding bottom of plug dry, wire broken and distorted or burnt up = extremely lean possible engine damage!
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Old 05-21-2004, 08:25 AM   #33
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Default Re: pixxi tell me something

Originally posted by tone
Whats up with these pixxis I know someboby loves then tell me a little about them. temps,settings, plugs anything do i need to change carbs whats up. Tone
Rossi Engines (General Carb Settings)
Low End: 4-3/4 turns out
High End:3 turns out
Midrange: Flush with carb body

Rossi Engines may take up to a gallon of fuel before fully seated. At about a half-gallon of fuel Rossi Engines are about ready to race!

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Old 05-22-2004, 12:28 AM   #34
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Originally posted by ziggy12345
If the head clearance is too big the motor will overheat as the fuel burning happens after the piston has gone over the top (advanced timing).
Not meaning to nit pick, but combustion after TDC is retarded timing.
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Old 05-23-2004, 09:33 AM   #35
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Default Overshimmed Pixi:

I was reading the posts ealier and you guys were talking about it being overshimmed. I was running 3 of the copper shims (.011 which made me have .030) in mine. It was running hot some and the idle was finicky. I have since taken them out and now get around (.019).

I run 30% Maxy fuel.

Do I need to stick one (.04) back or will I be ok. Also, what should I have to do to the tuning needles. I wil re-adjust based on conditions but I just wanted to have an idea.

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Old 05-24-2004, 06:00 AM   #36
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Default R12pixy

on my pixy box is say 4.5 high and 4 low end. I got mine going petty good now I had to play with the cars gearing still temping at about 260f BUT runing good after a 30min. main.
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Old 05-24-2004, 05:20 PM   #37
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Default need help!!


i just brought a second-hand rossi pixy 3-port (orange head). It's only got one silver shim on it. I ran it on 30% and it's detonating (i can see the half the piston is darker and wear on one side of the piston)

But when i run it on 16% it feels very weak, what should i do? Do i need to add or remove shims? Also, when i run it too lean it, the engine rev still stays hi when i let go of throttle and then slows down after 2 or so seconds....

any help is appreciated
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Old 05-25-2004, 06:51 PM   #38
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I have the Orange head 3 Port Pixi in my Champ Ed. LD3.Pretty sight actually ...anyhoo...I am running ODonnel 30 % with Rossi C7-S plugs. Per Zip (I believe this to be his forum name)
I removed the silver shim before I ever started the engine. I am currently running no shim at all. I have approx 3/4 of a gallon through it and this engine has been absolutely awesome.Purs like a kitten. Idles very nicely and starts easily. I have yet to start leaning it out since it still has a high degree of pinch with the plug off. Only real problem I have noticed though, is that it does seem to bog and sometimes dies.Im thinking either it is too rich and I should lean it a little or maybe the clutch isnt set well. I am new to working with a centax type clutch so Im not really sure....but either way...I hope this helps with your questions on the engine.As for the engine rev issue, it may be your pipe pressure line is too long. I had some problems like this and I believe this is what others suggested. I am running the RD Logics trubo pipe and it was suggested to run the pressure line as short as possible.I went from approx. 14 mm down to approx 6 mm.Good luck
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Old 06-04-2004, 08:24 PM   #39
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Theres this guy selling these new Rossi engines, 2004 model year. Are these really Rossis?
Check it out:
Here is the Rossi X3

Rossi X3

.....the Rossi LSK
Rossi LSK

There are some other Rossi engines on this site that are crazy fast. Does anybody know if they are ROAR legal?

I think this is the Rossi Engines USA retalier, but i'm not sure.
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Old 06-07-2004, 06:06 AM   #40
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Rossi Pixi 3 port standatd head

What plug should I run if I can't locate rossi plugs in my area?

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Old 07-01-2004, 10:07 PM   #41
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I noticed that the head clearance is way to much also. I don't have a micrometer or whatever so how do i measure head clearance.

What i need to know is can i take the shim out, run 20 percent odonnel with a standard button? Which plug should i use. I am currently using the OS#8 but i heard its to short of a plug. I was looking at getting an HPI plug since those are easily availible to me. Can i use those without the shim? Which one should i get. I can get a higher percentage fuel if i need to also.

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Old 07-02-2004, 05:59 AM   #42
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Also which kind of pipe would be better for this motor. Right now i have the Team Trinity pipe that is not adjustable. Is this a good pipe for this motor or should i try to find something else. This pipe is getting pretty beat up so i'm going to need a new one pretty soon. Which pipe should i look for?

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