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Well, the time has come for a discussion on cash purses in RC racing.

What are your views/opinions and why????
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If you do it.....( Cash)

Make sure you hire some security guards.....

Its gona be like the Jerry Springer Show.......
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There is no way that all of the cars will make the 30 minute main... Some for natural atrition but I know that for 500.00 there will be no love loss at all...
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Default cash

Ive ran in cash races before and while it is nice to get somthing back(for your investment in the hobby) They always seem to turn into a "bash your way to the front" then a "verbal and somtimes physical" slugfest at the end. I would like to see more of the SoCal touches , like kits and giveaways at the end (just my 2 cents).
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Default Re: cash

I think if you have a cash race, it turns into what every it takes to win concept with most andi nturn will takes the fun out of the sport. so I say no. tropheys with prizes is the way to go for any big race.
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There is money involved in all forms of racing why should rc racing be different? I have raced in a few RC money races and didnt see anything that doent already happen at non money races. I have personally won thousands of dollars at NHRA drag races. But The tracks paid a small amount of the winnings. Most of the money was paid throught contingencey stickers you actully got paid to run a product and there sticker on your dragster. In order to make a payout racers would have to be willing to pay more per class to enter that might be a bad thing since im sure it would hurt the car counts. I personally would like to see the manufactures step up to the plate with a contingencey program at the big points races. As far as the "hack" factor if the RD is doing his job that shouldnt be a factor I dont think to many mains are won by the roughest driver out there anyway.
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There's not a problem with a money race. Kelly had one at Albany Or. a couple of years age. There was no problems what so ever. The pay out doesn't have to be huge. You take the entry fee's 50% goes to the purse and 50% to the track, and pay back a few postions. Every one goes home happy. Don't forget the T-shirts.
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GOOD INFO.........keep it coming!!

Also, I guess I should have stated this in the first post:

This is just a general topic, this thread is not NCT related, RCCCW related or even Nitro related.................I'm just wanting to get info and opinions from the NW.

Starting this fall BIG money races are popping up. 1 on the East, 1 in the West and 1 in Texas. I believe very shortly a true "PRO" class will emerge.

keep it coming
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well said about the hack factor, with a good RD, and possibly with "hired" track marshalls or such, to let it be known that there will be no childish driving, and that it is enforced. Something like, an immediate 5 lap penalty for the first, and the second time, you go home. It is embarrassing for me to see the guys that you know are great drivers, plow through someone. I have seen many new people get their cars broke and/or get so frustrated they quickly lose interest in racing anymore. Much less wanting to travel to a place you know where "those" people race. For this sport to grow more, we all need to grow with it, and start racing like professionals. Isn't that what we want?
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Just like in other sports strict rules must be followed. The driving has been very clean in the upper mains I have been lucky enough to be in. That is the key, there can't be the hacking that usually goes with big money purses. There needs to be penalties for rough driving. Formula 1 has track stewards that watch rough driving and violations to the rules of each track. These stewards travel to each race. Obviously the cost of a group traveling stewards would not be cost effective. If it was only one race, a group of stewards could be hired/volunteered to watch this and make reccommendations.

Let the money races begin!

I agree with brian6989 about the manufacturers kicking in, in mountain bike racing "sponsored" riders usually don't pay for anything, no race fees, parts, etc.
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We have a cash payout race ever year at the Winter Kick Off. We've never had any intentional hacking, everyone has been on their best behavior.
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Seems like there's a fine line in R/C racing between being a fun hobby and a highly competitive sport. We all know how competitive the racing is already and bringing money into the mix will probably take that competitiveness to the next level. Will people feel more obligated to have the latest-and-greatest, most expensive cars and accessories? I think a lot of the attraction for new racers is the atmosphere our hobby provides...lots of families and youngsters get into it because it's fun and people are very willing to help you out. I'm not sure if that would change with money racing.

Don't get me wrong, the money races sound fun...I'd really like to make it to the Wenatchee race. But for the future of the hobby...I'm not sure it would be a good thing.
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I'm all for money races for pro racers. I've been to one money race and it was no different than a trophy race. If hacking is a concern then there will probably need to be more emphasis on RD making calls and a couple more sets of eyes watching for dirty driving and penalizing them. How can this hurt the hobby? The competition will be fierce and those that dont think its for them then the sportsman class should be considered.
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Default ok,

ok, my two cents.......
we all take our sport very seriousley, some more than others. I believe that is what makes our sport such a great thing. With the series,and club racing, the points races are highly competitive, and stressful. i think money races are stress relievers, i dont think they should become the main type of races, but its nice to go blow off a little steam on occaision. After the NWCT is completed, and most club points series are completed, we need a little off-season fun. So lets go play for money. let it all hang out, get together as friends, and not competitors, and have some fun, the money part is just the added bonus. I have set the RCCCW money race for october, far after the series is over, and most all other BIG races. I have set the payouts high, just for the added anticipation. Where else can the average joe, go out for a day of fun, and have a chance at 500.00 doing what he likes?? and hey, even if you finish last, no biggie, there are bowling trophies to collect...
just my opinion.
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Pro and Amatuer classes would still keep the atmosphere and the level of competitivness relatively the same wouldn't they??

I think alot of peoples concerns are because it would be a "NEW" thing. I know it's been done before, but I'm talking about a new standard. I think it would have growing pains (PRO classes that were actually PRO/$$ classes at every event) over the first few races until the newness wore off. Then it would mellow out I think.
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