I am trying to figure out if Losi tires are any good that I got with used roller.

  • I got some new tires with my new used Losi 8b 2.0 they are Losi Reptiles soft and med several sets of each what track conditions are these tires for also are they even worth mounting? I also got a set of soft Crimefighters and soft Bowties along with some Losi XBT soft and med. Which tires should I run on my Losi 8b 2.0 I only got one set of wheels right now so I want the best for a track with loose on top with packed clay under it. My local track gets watered but dries up quick and any advice on which of the tires I listed should I mount for club race this weekend. Thanks I have little exp. with 1/8 scale racing but I have raced 2wd SCT for about a year so I have a little setup skills but not really able to test tires due to the fact I have to mount them and I am on a budget right now. I do have some Cityblocks which handle decent on my track so I am trying to find one other set that works decent. Thanks Again!
  • My opinion, trial and error

    But personally a hard packed track your looking for something medium compound and with a bit of bite. I run aka's so for me the soft i-beam work well. But each person differs.

    also depends on how your car is setup
  • Yeah I know that but not sure which of these tires are not worth mounting.
    If I had the cash Subcultures and I-Beams would be a good choice but I am trying to use what I got. I don't have any exp. with Losi tires so thats really what I am wondering. Are the Reptiles or XBT a decent tire for loose/dusty hard pack? Thanks!
  • i run on loose dusty hard packed tracks and ive always liked the xbt's and eclipse's in med. and soft's and always seem to get good wear out of them but thats just my personal experience with them.
  • losi makes good rubber but trial and error

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