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Lightbulb Nitro FAQ

Any forum users, if you can please add on to this list of frequently asked questions.

Q-What is nitro?

A-Nitro is generally differentiated from electric. In these "gas" cars and trucks we use a alcohol type motor and fuel.

Q-How much money does it cost?

A- well this really depends on how deep your wallet is. Before you buy any type of rc car please research it. Allot of companies sell no-name stuff. Buy a car that is supported by your local hobby shop if you do this you will thank me later. After doing so and sort of know what to look for then hit ebay. there is nothing worse than buying a new truck and watching it deteriate and feel like your investment is losing its value and it is financialy. The things to look for when buying a used nitro vehicle are: type of vehicle(monster truck, Buggy, stadium truck, touring car), type of electronics in the car(servos, reciever, radio), make sure the life of your vehicle(the engine) is in good shape. ask to see how much fuel has been through it and if it has good compression, ask to see if it needs any parts replaced, always ask for pics, and make sure the guy is legit. if your buying a new truck you wont have to worry about this except the type. which brings me to next topic.

Q- what car should i get?

A- This is being asked so many times. the only thing i can say is do a search lol. check which type of vehicle appeals to you and your driving conditions. a monster truck is good for all around but mostly off road duh right lol. A stadium truck has best of both worlds and they are super cheap to maintaine(my forte), touring cars are on road cars. they needs nice pavement to run(as i have learned they do not jump well lol), 1/8th buggies are for those who like big beefy behimiths. they are rad, but have fun maintaining it. next look for parts availability. you WIll need to take a trip to your hobby shop one day. then just to get there and find out they dont have your parts or they dont suport it sucks major donkey. thats basically all i can say. just do research. if you cant research what you wantto get you shouldnt operate a rc.

Q- what do i need to get started?

A- you will need a complete truck with all electronics, engine, all parts, batteries for reciever and radio, a set of american and metric allen wrenches(i do not reccomend ball end because the ends strip out. if you do you ball end use regular to loosen and tighten) , a nice set of philips and flat head screw drivers, the small set of philips and flat head tools, pliers, and plier where you can adjust the size of the opening, a 4 way wrench, a glow starter to start the truck, a 7.2 v battery if and only if you have roto- start or ez start and same applies to the charger, you will need fuel(can be picked up at your hobby shop only for 20-30 bucks or less),fuel bottle, a temp gun, a fail safe(YOU WILL THANK ME, DONT ASK ME WHY I NEED IT LOL JUST BUY ONE OK!), after run oil, wd-40, spray bottle, rags, and a air compressor is reccomended. thats all i can think of right now.

Q-What kind of fuel should i buy

A- fuel depends on your climate. go to your local hobby shop and ask them what type of fuel the majority of the people run. in a more dry/ cool or elevated climate 15% is sufficient. in a more humid and hot climate 20% is sufficient. just go to your hobby shop and ask them. allot of people preffer different brands. this is just a trial and error method. i tried odonnol and i didnt like it but others do. i use traxxas fuel or trinity monster horse power. odonnol is ok in cooler climates. you just need to try and see for your self

Q- how hard is tuning?

A- tuning is not hard and is a skill you must develop. you just need to go out there and play with it. you need to develop a ear for tuning cause you need to sense when your engine is reving to high. another good way to check is to see if your engine is running to hot. if it runs to hot then it will cut more

Q-What is a high speed needle and what does it do?

A- The high speed needle adjusts the medium-high bands of the rppm range. it is used to dial in the top end. to richen this up and any other needle turn it to the left. this allows more fuel to be put through. this allows more lubrication. if you over do this you engine will not be able to burn up all of it and it will bog up. to lean the engine means turning it clockwise(screwing it in) this decreases the amount of fuel and regulates it with more air. which in turn has less lubrication. this adds more power but if it is leaned out to much it wil kill your engine. i will talk about this alittle more later.

Q- what is a low speed needle and what does it do?

A- The low speed needle adjusts the low end and acceleration. To richen this up turn it counter clock wise. this does the same thing as the high speed needle. it puts more fuel. to lean it out means the same with this. its decreasing the amount of fuel

Q-How do i know im running to lean?

A- there are numerous signs of knowing your to lean. one is by ear. put your engine to factory settings and lean it in. listen to the diference then richen it up and listen. get an ear for this. another tell sign is cutting out at medium-top end or while accelration. if you feel like its cutting out then richen her up. if she is running above 270 or 150-170 above ambient temps richen her up. temps should stay 150-170 abve ambient temps. if you see no exhuast smoke your running to lean also

Q-How do i know im running rich?

A- if you see an excess of exhuast smoke. you should see a thin trail and thats it. if you hit the throttle and feel it bog down. that means to muc hfuel in the motor.
A- do the same with the ear. if your running rich you. if your engine is bogging out or not getting up to temperature. if you feell ike you have no power then lean her in.

Q-How do i know my engine is shot?

A-while your engine is cold and spin the fly wheel counter clock wise or to your left. it should get hard then kick over. try this with your weakest finger. if it is to easy then its shot. another way to tell is if your running and your engine is runing the correct temperatures then starts cutting out. this means your piston sleeve is loosing its taper.

Q-How to jump level?

A-add throttle to bring the nose up, brake to bring nose down

Q-What are these terms you guys use

A- WOT-wide open throttle
HSN- high speed needle
LSN-low speed needle

Q-my truck is moving when i dont hit the throttle

A- there is a idle speed screw located on your engine(look in your manual to find it) turn it counter clock wise when the engine is off and MAKE SURE U ADD FUL THROTTLE so you do not bend the pin

Q-how to center servos and adjust trim on radio

A-to center your servos, take the horn off and look on your radio. put the knob for the trim so it is centered with the midpoint line(ull see it on the radio) then put the horn on correctly so it is at the settings you want then turn on the car

Q- what is Fm and AM

A- Fm and AM are the types of radios . Am is what comes with stock stuff usually and this is a generall frequency. most toys and cell phones and other stuff run on AM. Fm is a more safe type of frequency and just better with glitches.


A-hop ups are like what you do to 1:1 cars. you make them better and add more stuff. same with rc you can add a whole bunch of stuf and interchange motors and stuff. i reccomend upgrading motor and radio equipment.

Q- what engine will fit

A- it depends on your truck. look up the dimensions on your stock engine and look at the one you want. this is hard to do a FAQ about because there are so many types so if you have a question about this AIM me (sk8r8919)or post in the forum

that's it for now, if you have something to add, everyone can get involved and share them.

"Feel The Rush"
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