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Not to sound like a smart behind--

But breathing steady helps. In and out, in and out. Normal pace. Keep's you smooth.
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Old 12-05-2009, 12:09 AM   #32
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Originally Posted by Integra View Post
Staying Cool Calm and Collective on the stand comes with Year's of experience and not much more....some do it regardless of the skill level that are at....but most do away with the hand shakes and nerves after the first year or so i would say.
Partially agree here as experience makes it easier but does not take it away. 25 years into this hobby choose the non DR help, the only addidction i get is cant wait to the next race. Walking a track is great advice not only at the begging of the day but also between rounds as you see hows it evolving. A fully preped car & engine takes away those worries but hec during the heat of the moment when its all going write they still return, to be honest know thats when its going well. Normally im concentrating so hard i hold my breath, the shakes are a reminder to breath before i go blue & pass out. Think you will find we all do it even the super stars, its just the bodies way of showing pressure & arrenaline.
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Originally Posted by KWT-NITRO View Post
Hi guys,

some poeple might think that this thread is worthless because it has no technical issues or quetions but i think controlling your nerves and stayin cool while racing will help alot. who doesn't sweat, feel sick, shake while going up the drivers stand for an important heat/ sub final or a 60 minutes Amain?? i know i do i try my best to keep everything under control but man its hard.

i would like to know how you guys stay cool and calm yourselves down before a race?? my first international race experience was the 09 FEMCA in Kuala lumpur and man i shaked like an earth quake i messed up the first 3 minutes of each heat because of this.

any suggestions, advices, tips??


Drink lots of captain

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Originally Posted by Kingsbury View Post
Drinking water during the race day def. helps compared to downing Mt. Dews.
Also selecting a nice playlist on your ipod works great too.
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You can never be the best forever. One may be be the best for now but that will never last. You can only do your best. If you've done your best then you can't do anymore. What I've found helps is don't give a $h!T how you do. Don't expect yourself to be better than the other guy. If you are better than the other guy or if you finish well great but don't have those expectations of yourself. The nervousness for me was me letting myself down. Nervousness for me was performance anxiety. I was nervous that I was was not going finishing as well as I expected myself to finish or letting other drivers that I thought wasn't as good as me finish infront of me. If this doesn't work then imagine all the guys around you on the driver stand are wearing dressess and you're the only cool one there.
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Old 12-05-2009, 03:53 AM   #36
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My legs aways shake when I'm doing well. I don't usually notice how badly, until the end of the race. There's been a few times where I nearly fell over because they were shaking so bad.
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I have always had a small shake once I get on the stand. I usually calm down by 1-2 minutes into the race. I do small things like just saying something to the guy next to you. Even if he doesn't respond, it allows you to take your mind off the driving for just a second. It also helps me to remind myself to blink every time I come down the straightaway. It breaks up the thought process preventing me from worrying too about what happened last lap.
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woow, i guess i'm not the only one shaking

i want to thank you all for your ideas and advices, i'm leaving on monday to Thailand for the Nitro party race, untill today, 204 racers registered with alot of big names, Hara, Savoya, Degani, Hudys, Bertin, Osaka and the list goes on and on.

i will use some of your advices there, specially the gum and the talking $h.t on the stand not a big fan of drugs so i wont be taking any anti dipression pills.......

thanks again

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+ 10 on the gun a good sweet piece always clams me down
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There have only been a few times where I was "nervous" during a race. I'm not a nervous or anxious person at all. I'm generally very confident in myself and what I am doing.

I do get the adrenaline rush every time I'm on the stand, more so during my main.
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Originally Posted by FactoryTeam08 View Post
A good crank in the toilets always calms me down before a big race, nothing like knocking the top off then all calm and race ready

Originally Posted by RC Racer OG View Post
Drink lots of captain

I start to talk to my self while driving.
"Seeing the world on 2 wheels"
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i know 2 guys in my club, before the a amin of the national series i went over to their tent and they were smokin weed!!! i was like wtf!! but i guess that would calm your nerves!! LMAO
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I find that when I dont worry about things I do my best. I dont worry about who I am up against, or going faster than certain people, what main I am going to qualify for, etc. I just focus on driving smart lines that I know I can do over and over. A large part of winning an rc race is all mental in my opinion. Knowing how to pace yourself and not getting rattled or falling apart after a mistake are key. Of course having your equipment in good running order is critical too.
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I remember the first time i raced it wasn't ant any big race just a local track. I was so nervous cause i did not know any one. When my class was up i remember walking up on the drivers stand my hands were like noodles a guy asked why and i told him it was the first race i ever raced in. He said don't worry about it and just have fun so i took it easy and just say i liked marshaling cause i never get nervous :P maybe ill stick to marshaling. But now since i go and race almost every week and now its not as bad but i couldent even imagine going to a big race id pass out lol
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Confidence and experience are important keys. Being prepared and knowing your stuff is ready makes a big difference. It's all in the head. Be positive and don't let anything take it from you.

Not caring just lowers your expectations. So when you do bad it doesn't bother you. Not healthy. You need to aim high and have mercy and grace for yourself. Don't beat yourself up. Do your best to stay positive. Surround yourself with positive and successful people that draw the best out of you.

Don't medicate yourself. Numbing yourself isn't healthy either. Drugs are not the answer.

We all make mistakes just like the pro's. They just make fewer mistakes.
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