O.S.18TM problems


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Detonation is a term used to describe combustion that's occurring too early and The popping sound you describe sounds like it. If everything else is normal and correct, a timing adjustment(s) will be required to correct this condition and since there is no ignition adjustment on our engines it must be done by shimming the head, using a lower nitro content fuel, or using a cooler plug.

With that said, I know plenty of folks running 30% and even 33% in their TM's with no issues, so before you start working on your engine, make sure everything else is working as it should be. If your fuel and exhaust systems are OK and you have no binding in your driveline my first guess would be old fuel. Our fuel is hydroscopic, meaning when exposed to atmosphere it will absorb water. Water is 2 parts oxygen and more oxygen means a hotter burn. A small amount of water absorption is inevitable and won't matter, but fuel left in the tank, or a partial jug stored for any length of time will take on enough water to make a difference in running temperature. The old fuel may not be something you are doing, it could well be too old when you bought it. Many shops buy their fuel in large lots to save money and if sales are not brisk it sits on the shelves for months on end waiting for a buyer.

Last of all, when the revo first hit there was an issue with chips of material left in the tank from threading the fittings that was causing fuel flow problems. Traxxas even had a bulletin on their website detailing this issue and recommending the tank be flushed prior to use. These chips were found as far upstream as the banjo, but having the same problem with two new engines would seem to discount that as a possibility . Stranger things have happened so it might be worth looking in to.
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Default MAXY's Fuel

Originally Posted by norcalrevo
Ok, update on my current situation with the os18. Called OS, and they said that I cannot use 30% to break in. HMMMMM wasnt a problem with the last motor. Anyhow, does anyone have any suggestions as to a good 20% with a high oil content (around 12-15%) ?
Last year i started running Maxy's Fuel In all my engines. So did many of the guys i run with and the all have nothing but great things to say after switching from Odonnel and Blue thunder fuel.

Give it a try you wont regret it.
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I didn't want to turn this into a "My favorite fuel" thread, but Maxy's is also my hands down favorite. It's a great fuel, but It's also the freshest I can get in my area. IMHO, fresh is as much or more important than brand.
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Well, I will know in about a week and half from now if there was something wrong with the motor. I just sent it back to OS, but they wont get it until this friday. I spoke with another guy, and he said that changing the shift point my help. (have it shift into second sooner.) Dont understand how this will help since the only way I can even come close to shifting into second is if I lean it out to the point that it begins to overheat. If I richen it to prevent it from overheating, then it runs slow, and there is no top end.
Ive never had to mess with the shift point from the day I brought the revo home, and the truck rolls free with no binding of the gears. God I need help, and hopefully OS figures this out for me, or the truck will be for sale real soon.
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