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Off-Topic: What Were the Best/Worst Cars You've Owned? >

Off-Topic: What Were the Best/Worst Cars You've Owned?

Off-Topic: What Were the Best/Worst Cars You've Owned?

Old 10-07-2014, 02:34 PM
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Default Off-Topic: What Were the Best/Worst Cars You've Owned?

I just felt like staring a kind of fun thread to ask people what were the best and worst on-road cars you've ever owned. I'll start out with a few of mine:

CRC Gen-XL/Xi: This thing is a beast, and when it runs good it’s really good. For a 1/12 car it was also quite forgiving, and when my LHS was still open and someone wanted to try racing 1/12 scale racing I would let them wheel it in stock.

Losi JRX-S Type R: Most durable touring car I have ever owned, great shocks, and the innovative chassis design can be given new life in the LiPo era via shorty packs. It's also an ace in the hole if/when foam touring car makes a comeback...

Tamiya Mini: This thing felt cheap next to my 20 year old Radioshack special. The material used for its construction appears to be dried licorice, or maybe old grape jolly ranchers.

Associated TC6: I don’t know if the new TC6.2 is any good or not, but this thing was a TURD. Whoever thought those plastic arm mounts were a good idea was just plain wrong. This car seemed designed to make sure that various tuning parts suppliers like RSD stayed in business.

Well, that's a few of mine, what about yourselves?
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Originally Posted by DesertRat View Post
Tamiya Mini: This thing felt cheap next to my 20 year old Radioshack special. The material used for its construction appears to be dried licorice, or maybe old grape jolly ranchers.

I was gonna buy one too!!! lol
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The TC6.1 I ran 2 years ago handled better than any TC I have ever driven. I am running Xray now and I am sure I will get it to where I like it soon enough.

Off-road wise I left Kyosho and started running Losi this year. The buggy suits my driving style and is tough as nails.


When I got into RC I bought a TC3 on the advice of the LHS. This was at a time when the Xray FK105 was out. I could never get the TC3 to drive well.

The winner of worst car goes to the Associated RC8B. It was the worst buggy I have ever driven (along with a friends Durango) and the only buggy that turned like a monster truck. I took it to one big race in the US and sold it immediately after.

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Mini Coopers are cheap, ratty, sloppy little things.... they are also a riot to race. I'll say they fit in my "best" due to the fun-factor.

Worst? I'll say I wasn't real impressed with the Top Photon. I got mine to work but quality was not all that great. The issue with the chassis tweaking and belt getting tight when trying to mount the spur / pulley sucked. Ended up using lock tight and barely putting the screws in... with tape over the screw to make sure they didn't back out. Then it was free running and good handling. Shimming had to happen as well. It just wasn't a great car IMO. Other than that I didn't have good luck with the Xray T2 007, just didn't work for me. T3 and up is awesome.
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Serpent 747e, This is my all time favorite, I couldn't ask for anything more in a RC. Its a great strong platform if you like to customize your builds.
Love it so much I purchased 2.

Serpent 977, Just an exemplary piece of fine, beautiful engineering

Serpent Cobra GT, super fun to drive.

Mugen MTX5: My first high end car. Aside from the 2nd gear stripping, it was the fastest 1/10 nitro I ever saw. Very nice quality parts.

HPI rs4 Evo+ = My first car, and the car that taught me the RC fundamentals and led me to this forum. Very nice car for a beginner.

Ofna, missing parts and subpar quality compared to my Serpents and Mugen. I bought the kit, looked at it, and place it on the floor of the closet where it remains.

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I've got a feeling my current car will end up joining the list of worst...

I've been pretty lucky with cars overall, very few have caused me many problems and I've usually managed to get them going well. However...


- My Tamiya M-05 has given me so much enjoyment over the last few years. Took a lot of work to get it going well, but now I can drop it on almost any track and be guaranteed to have fun. It also won me a championship.

- My TOP Scythe has been a brilliant car, outperforming a couple of more modern rivals. I can't get all the parts for it which has relegated it to spare car status, but when it's needed, it still delivers.


- Kyosho Lazer ZX-5 - Never came close to handling well. Never came close to an apex to be honest.

- TOP Photon - promised so much when I first got it, then the under steer, grip roll and chassis tweak set in. Shame.
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Worst Cars :-

- Losi Street Weapon
- GTO(got a full works drive for this, had to give it back it was that bad

Best Cars :-

- Schumacher SST 99pro
- Schumacher Axis
- Hpi Pro 4
- Xray T3
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Since getting into this hobby the cars I've owned have been Xrays.... FK05, T2007, T2008, T3, T3'11, T3'12 Which I still have & run, T4'13, and soon T4'15

During that time, I've bought "other cars" purely for trial purposes, sometimes new or 2nd hand...
Mini M03, M05, TA05, TRF 415mremsx, TRF 416we, TRF 417v5, Schumacher Mi2ec, Mi3, Mi3.5, Mi4lp, Mi4cxl, TOP Scythe, Photon, EX, TC5r, TC6.1, ARC, 3racing Sakura, may have forgotten a couple...

The Best is any of the Xrays, especially the 08 & T3'12's and the ARC

The Worst?, the early Schuie's, any Photon & the TC5r

But of course, this is only my opinion based on my criteria
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Ill say best and worst has to be taken into a time perspective. I had an orignal bronze tub chassis RC10ST with bushings. By todays standards its no where near modern cars, even cheap ones. But at the time, I had a blast building it and running it, and bending those tube front kick up supports back into place all the time, and re-servo taping or glueing the mechanical speed control in place. I also had an 80's era Frog that was pretty dang fun, but by todays standards...

Best car would have to have been the Losi XXXT Matt Frances and the Losi JRXS. Both were great quality and super fun.

Worst would be the XXX-4 graphite. It was like driving a peice of glass. Everything broke and never got it to handle too well.

The absolute worst though, I never owened one, but the original Savage and T-maxx. I workednin a hobby shop and at least half were coming back so destroyed on a regular bassis, that it was almost cheaper to buy a new one. But I made a crap ton of money doing repairs and egine break-ins.
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Good electric cars I have owned 415MSX, FT TC4 & BD7 2014.

Each car had aspecs that were less than perfect (415 brittle plastics, FT TC4 crap shocks, BD7 air sucking leaking shocks & leaking diff) but could be resolved with some time and effort.

Worst car was also the car I liked most. F201, cheap soft flexible plastic needed upgraded arms extra braces, better shocks ect but once upgraded it was a great car. Extremely realistic a much better match to real F1 cars than what is available today. With a full field open wheels they were super fun to drive.
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Wow.... You guys owned a lot of different cars....
Best for me are my tc4's hands down... The challenge, the upgrades, and the car's progress have been phenomenal to say the least.....
The tamiya M03 comes in second for its fun factor, the Awesomatix A700 comes in third for the sheer technology, and last but not least the famous Nikko F1 ferrari that got me in the hobby for good.............................................. ........The worst for me was a Radioshack Acura RSX... Forget about it !!!!!!
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Original RC10 kit, even though I never want to see a bushing or resistor esc again
Corally RDX - Mmmmmm... RDX.
Custom Works Dominator - full throttle, chain drive, full fun
Losi XXX - the longest running ride I ever owned, stayed competitive for years

Kyosho Raider - came in a trade... just cheap, plastic, and bad.
Schumacher Top Cat - At least it looked cool
Tamiya King Cab - fun briefly, until you stripped the gears perpetually on backorder
TC4 - had two with BMI graphite. They were just terrible, awful terrible. I was ready to quit the whole onroad experiment when a friend talked me into the RDX.
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1. Original gold tub RC10. Six gear tranny and all. I ran everything with that car EXCEPT off-road. Carpet oval, carpet onroad, dirt oval, even an asphalt parking lot road course.

2. AE 12L4. Near perfect bone stock out of the box. Such a shame it's basically useless now.

3. Mugen MRX-3. Fast and indestructible.


1. Some oddball dirt oval car that couldn't go around a corner for nothing.

2. NTC3. Nice idea but obsolete within days of its release. Just wasn't designed for the levels of power that motors got up to after it was designed.

And that's about the only bad cars.
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Originally Posted by LasagnaCat View Post

Custom Works Dominator - full throttle, chain drive, full fun
Oh hell yes. All these newbs just don't understand.
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Best: Any Xray can't fault any of the ones I have (T2 '007, T4 '14, MT18, NT1, NT18)
Yokomo SD-SSG in its day that thing was amazing. But....

Worst: Yokomo SD-SSG - seemed to fall apart at the mear thought of an accident
TC5 - Nothing good to say about that car.
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