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The Now Official "What Car Have You Got" Thread

The Now Official "What Car Have You Got" Thread

Old 07-01-2005, 09:08 AM
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Chassis - XRAY T1 FK05
Body - Current: Mazda 6 Next: Dodge Stratus 3.0 (all purpose)
Wheels - Take Off
Tires - Take Off CS27
ESC - Nosram Dominator Evolution (Qunatum Competition 2)
Transmitter - Transmitter: Futaba 3PK Module: Futaba PCM
Receiver - Futaba PCM
Motor - Trinity Monster Stock, Orion Element V2 19T, Trinity Cobalt 12T
Battery: Trinity 3700
Servo: Futaba 9350
Hop Ups - ceramic bearings, multi diff, foam shock tower, tamiya shocks , pdub bumper
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Old 07-01-2005, 11:39 PM
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Chassis - xray T1R
Body - Current:stratus 3.0 Next: stratus 3.0
Wheels - eleggi
Tires - eleggi
ESC - novak gtx
Transmitter - Transmitter:futaba 3pk Module: futaba hrs
Receiver - futaba hrs
batteries-stuffed epic monstor metals [zebra]
Motor - triniy monstor stock/epic binary
Hop Ups - pro 1way/front sway bar/hollow layshaft/rxr cf front shock tower/stiff cf top deck/ultra tune rear cf shock tower/med rear arms/alloy c hubs/alloy rear hubs/alloy sterring blocks/chassis milling/trf shocks/alloy spacers/

Chassis -tamiya tb evo3 surikarn
Body - Current:none Next: stratus 3.0
Wheels - tamiya pink dish
Tires - none
ESC - none
Transmitter - Transmitter:futaba 3pk Module: hrs
Receiver - none
betteries- none
Motor - none
Hop Ups - is there hopups for a pro car lol

Chassis - tamiya ta04 pro
Body - Current:stratus 2.0 Next: yokomo rx7
Wheels - xray
Tires - pvc
ESC - noval dually
Transmitter - Transmitter:ae Module: am 29mhz
Receiver - futaba brick
batteries- tamiya 2400 [any old stick packs lying around really lol]
Motor - peak hellfire v2
Hop Ups -heaps

Chassis - tamiya tl01
Body - Current:tamiya wrx convertable Next:dunno?
Wheels - tamiya std
Tires - tamiya std
ESC - lrp ipc pro
Transmitter - Transmitter:ae Module: am 29mhz
Receiver - futaba brick
batteries- same as ta04
Motor - reedy 19t quad
Hop Ups - bearings/speed tuned gear set/rear toe i upright/custom bashplates

Chassis - associated rc18t
Body - Current:std next:same but in pink :P
Wheels - losi chrome dish
Tires - losi street meats
ESC - std ae/lrp
Transmitter - Transmitter:ae module:am 29mhz
Receiver - std ae/lrp
bateries-std batts
Motor - std 280
Hop Ups - none..soon to have the full alloy ae set and and comp x mumba brushles

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Old 07-02-2005, 02:17 AM
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Chassis - Team Losi JRX-S
Body - Parma Alfa Color: Duct Tape Next: Either Parma Alfa or Cadillac CTS-V
Wheels - White Dish
Tires - Jaco DBL Pink/Orange Fronts and DBL Pink rears
ESC - Novak GT-7
Transmitter - Ko Mars EX-1 Module: FM 27mhz
Receiver - KO FM 27mhz
Motor - none (threw a wind)
Hop Ups - PRS Spur adaptor, Red aluminum servo mounts
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Old 07-06-2005, 01:13 PM
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Novak GT7
KO 2343
Axiom P2K2
Axiom 3300's/Epic 3800's
TRC Foams/Take Off 27's
Stratus 3.0
64p gears
AE spring

It's my 11 year old son's car/I'm just the pit crew

AE RC18 MT: Collecting dust

Mini Z: Collecting more dust

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Old 07-06-2005, 01:43 PM
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Yokomo MR4-TC BD
Bodies: Mazda 6, Ride Accord, Stratus 3.0 AP, Yokomo Typ E
Motors: GM-Racing Brilliant 27T, GM-Racing Beast 12*3 (for mod)
ESC: GM-Racing SX12W
Servo: Graupner DS8418
Receiver: Spektrum (well, soon to be :-) )
Transmitter: Graupner /JR R-1 (Spektrum modul soon to be in use)
Batteries: GM GP 3700s
Tires: Sorex 36
Wheels: Proline Disk
Inserts: Sorex Gray, GM Green
Hop-ups in car: none :-)
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Old 07-06-2005, 01:58 PM
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Chassis - xray fk05
Body - stratus 3.0
Wheels -trc
Tires -cyan and magents
ESC - quantum2
Transmitter - m8 and helios spektrum
Receiver - spektrum
Motor - 19t chamelon
Hop Ups - spring steal everthing and waiting for BMI bling

Chassis - crc hybrid
Body - speed 12
Wheels - trc
Tires - gray and purple
ESC - ko propovfs-1
Transmitter - KO Propo EX10 Helios/ m8 spektrum
Motor - 19t chamelon
Hop Ups - the whole thing is hopped up

Chassis - xxx bk2
Body - bk2 losi
Wheels - protoform
Tires - losi taper pins
ESC - gtx
Transmitter - KO Propo EX10 Helios/ m8 spektrum
Motor - 14x2 revalution
Hop Ups - ti stuff

car 4
Chassis - 18t
Body - stock
Wheels - bsr
Tires - foams plaide/ purple
ESC - stock with rtr
Transmitter - KO Propo EX10 Helios/m8 specktum
Motor -reedy mini
Hop Ups - every blue part i could find

got a few more but tired of typing
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Old 07-06-2005, 03:26 PM
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Car #1

Chassis - Tamiya TRF415MS
Body - Protoform Mazda6
Wheels - Tamiya, HPI
Tires - Sorex from 20R up to 36R
Transmitter - JR XR3
Receiver - JR
Motor - Ultrabird 19T PRO / KR 10Tx2
Hop Ups - Speedtech spool, delrin outdrives

Car #2

Chassis - TC3 FT
Body - Protoform Status 2.0
Wheels - Tamiya, HPI
Tires - Sorex from 20R up to 36R
Transmitter - JR XR3
Receiver - JR
Motor - Monster stock / Tamiya DynaRun 13T
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Old 07-06-2005, 06:11 PM
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Smile My Rides

Car #1
Chassis: XRAY FK 04
Body: Protoform Stratus 2.0
Wheels: HPI Dish (Black)
Tires/Inserts: Sorex 36r / HPI Green's
ESC: Novak GTX
Transmitter: Airtronics MX3s 75mHz
Receiver: Airtronics Sythesized
Motor: Tinity Monster Stock (Birdman Tuned)
Batteries: GP3600 & Sanyo 3700
Servo: Airtronics 357
Hopups: Ti Bolts, XRAY Hudy Hardned Axles, XRAY Al. Steering Arms, XRAY F&R Al. Hubs, XRAY Al. Shock Bodies, + a little secret stuff...

Car #2
Chassis: Tamiya TRF415MS
Body: Protoform Stratus 2.0
Wheels HPI Dish (Black)
Tires/Inserts: Sorex 36r / HPI Green's
ESC: Novak GTX
Receiver: Airtronics Sythensized
Motor: #1 Reedy Quad Mag 19T #2 Trinity Cameleon 2 19T
Servo: Airtronics 769
Hop Ups: Speedtech Ceramic Bearings, Sppedtech Ti-Bolt Kit, Tamiya Ti-Axles, Tamiya Al. Rear Hubs, Tamiya Knurled Shock Hop Ups, Tamiya Delrin Outdrives, + a few other tlc tid bits.

Car #3
Chassis: Tamiya EVO4
Body: Protoform Stratus 3.0 (All Purpose)
Wheels: HPI Dish (Black)
Tires / Inserts: Sorex 36'r / HPI Green's
ESC: Novak SS
Motor: Novak SS5800 Brushless
Servo: Airtronics 357
Hop Ups: Too many to list...

Car #4
Chassis: Team Losi BK2
Body: Losi
Wheels: Losi
TiresProline LP (B3), Proline Square Fuzzies (B3), Proline Inserts
ESC: Novak SS
Motor: Novak SS5800 Brushless
Servo: Airtronics 357
Hop Ups: Lundsford Ti Bolt Kit, Losi Al. F&R Susp Mount, Losi Al. Univ Dogbone Drive Shaft.
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Old 07-06-2005, 06:15 PM
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^^^ Weak!!!

J/K John
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Old 07-16-2005, 02:05 PM
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Chassis - Xray FK05
Body - Current: Ride Stratus/Mazda 6 Next: Mazda 6
Wheels -
Tires - CS-27 pre mount
Transmitter - Transmitter: M8 Module: Switch
Receiver - Xxtra
Motor - Epic ROAR stock/monster stock
Hop Ups - Motor Fan I guess counts.

Chassis - xxx-s g+
Body - Current:stratus 2 Next:
Wheels -
Tires - cs-27 premount
ESC - lrp 7.1
Transmitter - Transmitter:m8 Module:switch
Receiver - super micro
Motor - reedy ti
Hop Ups - 5th body post and some other mods.


Chassis - CRC 3.2
Body - Current:who knows Next: something parma
Wheels -
Tires - something parma
ESC - qc2
Transmitter - Transmitter:m8 Module: switch
Receiver - super micro
Motor - monster or epic roar
Hop Ups -none because i dont own the car yet
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Old 07-16-2005, 10:52 PM
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Location: The Great Smokey Mountains, TN USA
Posts: 553

Chassis - Hyperdrive SSE Pro2
Body - Current: Next: Bandit Ford Taurus HD / Dodge Charger HD
Wheels - BSR
Tires - Net Capped Radials
ESC - Keyence Zero V Extreme
Transmitter - Transmitter: Module: Futaba 3PK with Spektrum Tx
Receiver - Spektrum SR3000 Rx
Motor - EAMotorsport Monster Based Stock / Team Paradigm EPIC ROAR stock
Hop Ups - Titanium turn buckles HPI center shock
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Old 07-16-2005, 11:29 PM
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Location: Northside San Jose, CA
Posts: 1,335

Current Rubber Car
XRay T1 Evo2 Long Arm C-hub
Body: Nemesis Next: Stratus 3 & M6 (job pending)
Motors: Reedy QM for practice, Integy Matrix Stock for when the wimps show up, (race motor: job pending)
ESC: Novak GT-7
Servo: JR Digital
Receiver: KO 27 FM
Transmitter: KO Propo Mars
Batteries: Unmatched GP3300's
Tires: Premounted Take-Offs...CS-27 Front, CS-22 Rear
Hop-ups: Blade Front Sway-Bar
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Old 07-17-2005, 09:15 AM
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Default My Ride's

Yokomo MR4TC-LCG - For Stock 27/23 and Spec 19 turns
Futaba 9550 Servo
KO302F Rx / Helios EX-10 Tx
Quantum Comp1 with World Option kit
Sorex 40's on Yokomo Rims with Speedmind Inserts
ProMatch Racing Batteries/GP3300/3700
Hop-Ups: This car is Maxed out!! Ti SCrews w/ blue counter sunk washers/TRF Shocks/Square Ti Input shafts/Dirve shafts and CVD's/Speedtech Spool/Team Suzuki Alm Fron Knuckles and Lt.Wt. Rear Hubs/Carbon Shaft/Yokomo Alum Suspension Mounts and many more

Yokomo MR4TC-BD - For Mod or Spec 19 Racing
Futaba 9550 Servo
Ko302F Rx / Helios EX-10 Tx
Novak GTX with super shcotky
Sorex 40's on Yokomo Rims with Speedmind Inserts
ProMatch Racing Batteries/GP3300/3700
Hop-Ups: Ti Screws/Yokomo Spool/Direct Center Gear/Rayspeed CVD's/Team Suzuki Rear Hub
Motors: Yokomo S-Pro and KR

I Use Proline Mazda 6 or Stratus 3
MUCH MORE Charger and Motor Master
LRP Pulsar Comp/Noval Smart Tray
Integy Reactor 30Amp Discharger/Eagle Power Supply and Lathe
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Old 07-17-2005, 12:55 PM
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Yokomo BD
Yokomo SD
Yokomo CGM
Yokomo LCG (on the way)
AE 12L4
Kyosho VoneRRR WC

Cars for sell:

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Old 07-17-2005, 01:15 PM
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Chassis - TB Evolution III Surikarn Edt.
Body - Current: Titan Mazda 6 Next: Protoform Mazda 6
Wheels - Ellegi 15 Spoke
Tires - 37Shore x 42Shore
ESC - Nosram Tomahawk Reverse
Transmitter - Acoms
Receiver - Acoms Mini Reciever
Motor - Johnson 540
Hop Ups - None

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