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1 i never bought the 201 i tried this guy's who had it at the track and then a 103 thast someon was selling and i liked the 103 alot better it was smother and better acceleration . both cars were running the rules for the club wich are rubber tires and Mabuchie/johnson stock silver can motors. becasue on our track even a p2k2 or a monster is way to much.

2 how do you manage to handle that much power in your f1 newracer. i ahve tried it once with a 4 cell pack in a parking lot and i couldnt manage it past 1/2 throttle. stearing way to touchie at high speed. i need to put more downforce up front i think.

3 if you want a real F103 driver well il have to get the best driver in the club on here lol he can beet the crap out of everyone by at least 2+ laps and he running club rules and a 103.

4 all in all. yes the 103 dont have camber or toe in in the back and no camber in the front but it dont need it. you put the right spring rate in the front and the right oil/damper/spring combo on the abck and it will grip at full throttle through the corners on almost any track. I run on carpet.
with the 103 you can tell if your set up is right just by listening to it.
if it sticks and dont squeel in the corner you can take the corner faster.
if it spin coming out of corner getting on the gas losen the dif a 8th of turn.
if it spins mid corner soften the front springs and let off the throttle a hare, you never have to use brakes with this car.

but still the 103 is better out of the box compared to a stock 201. my 103 was stock ans so was the 201 i drove, so you can say what ha think. but im just saying what i know from everone that races F1 around here.
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It really depends on the track as to which F1 version is going to be faster. A properly setup F201 even with all the stock parts is going to be faster then an F103 on tracks with tight corners or dusty conditions. On high bite tracks with wide sweeping curves the F103 has the advantage. We've been racing F1's out here in an on-going series for over 13 years now. When the F201s came out we ran our races combined F201 and F103s. It didn't take long for the F201 drivers to find a good setup that dominated over the F103s on our track. I have both and love racing both versions. But my F103 is retired now because on our track the F201 is considerably quicker.

BTW there's allready a huge thread just on the F201s here:

You'll find a ton of info on the car there
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This might be old news but I've read somewhere in the f1-rc site that there might be a nitro conversion for the f201. Anyone if this is true? I'd love to have a nitro f1 if possible. I know serpent is coming out with a 1/8 scale version.
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There are two versions, a 2wd and a 4wd from two different companies.
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It's not actually a conversion, it is a complete kit with some F201 parts in the kit. It is the same scale and form factor as the F201, so you can use the F201 bodies and wheels, but otherwise, there's not much shared with the F201. The car was originally designed by FPM and a company called DSE started working with the guy that designed the FPM car and it will hopefully make it into production. There are actually many nitro F1 cars that were made in the past. IMO, the best, most raceable car was the Kyosho F-Ten. Ofna had a car that was basically an F103 with an alum chassis and a nitro engine and Kyosho made numerous other Superten and 1/8 scale F1 cars. The problem with all of these old cars is that you can't get parts for them. The F-Ten is reasonably bulletproof and you can still get many parts from Tower since they are used on a variety of Kyosho cars of that era. Ebay is your best bet. And no, I'm not selling my F-Ten
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Thanks guys very informative stuff!
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Are we going to start this crap ( F103 vs F201 ) all over again?
You are one of the few people who like the 103 better than the 201... that very nice BUT since you don't know squat about the f201 your opinion about the 201 means nothing. I have a Tamiya Road wizard ( the first F1 Tamiya made ) and it's really close to the 103... It's not a car I will race but it's a good "eye candy" piece...

There are 3 nitro F1 out there in the planning stage:
Nolan Farmers, DSE and stupid Serpent has a 8th scale (f180 i believe ). All these are 2 WD.... Nolan's trying to find an engine to fit his, DSE has not been heard of in a couple of months and stupid Serpent.. who cares!! Gonna cost $$$$$ no matter what....
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