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David Galdo 08-19-2001 11:23 PM

Xray T1
New board, new thread. Lets start over.

Krayzie 08-20-2001 03:05 PM

I have an X-ray T-1 and love it!!!!! :)

Krayzie http://www.plauder-smilies.de/tales/grim.gif

Peter Busch 08-20-2001 06:37 PM

I want one but its not in the budget yet.:cry:

JeffC 08-21-2001 12:24 AM

Ever since I heard about the XRay's I've wanted one. How much are they usually selling for? I love my Yokomo, but if the XRay is a fair price, and I can find parts, who knows.... ?

David Galdo 08-21-2001 12:28 AM

The cars are not cheap, they range in price across the nation but are usually bought for $330. There are some shops that have them with the HUDY promotional kit inside, so shop around if you are serious about it.

JeffC 08-21-2001 12:30 AM

Whoa, that'd be a big ouchy for the old savings account. I think I'll keep my Yokomo for awhile... I thought they were more around the $250 range... $330 is a little much, especially since I haven't even seen one on the track yet. Thanks anyways!

David Galdo 08-21-2001 01:11 AM

Yes it's a pricey car and a joy to run. If you do not wish to spend time setting up and tuning, then the XRAY could be a frustrating car to own. Once you have it setup it is a very competitive kit.

Recently in Europe, (my numbers may be wrong but are not far off the mark) Juraj Hudy placed 19th and another XRAY placed 13th. Not a bad showing considering the wealth of skill that finished in the top 12.

JeffC 08-21-2001 01:17 AM

I really like working on chassis setups. I'm not "afraid" of a car like the XRay with lots of adjustments, I just can't afford it right now.

David Galdo 08-21-2001 01:22 AM

I wasn't taking a stab at your skills but pointing out (mostly to others) that this can be a frustrating kit at first. More and more, kits today are a challenge to set up.

milf 08-21-2001 09:07 AM

I got my 2nd one now, and it was almost finish putting together, and yes it came with the Hudy set, but the guy kept the wrenches, he just didn't want it anymore, and he offer it to me very cheap, i mean very cheap, I'm so Lucky :D. Glad to find you back :) , was wondering what happen to rctouring, i thought it was my computer :confused: , but i found you guys, thank goodness.

T1 08-21-2001 09:16 AM

I have an Xray on layaway at my LHS. I just can't wait to get it-It'll be my first electric. :D I plan on getting a Tekin G-10 ESC, Reedy MVP stock and a Protoform accord body. I will use my KO Mars to control it that I originally bought for my HPI Racer 2. What is everybody else's setup? Also, are there any glitches in the kit?

antoniop 08-21-2001 10:27 AM

Excellent car
The car is so smooth...

I've it tuned to perfection for my track.
I'm very difficult to catch.
The car has incredible front and rear grip. I took away a little caster to improve getting out of curves.

With Proline H13 (hard Pit inserts) and Pit D25 (hard Pit Inserts) it's amazing the grip you can get.

And it looks easy. Only when you race against someone you see how hard it is to have grip at those speeds. But you have it and the other guys don't... Amazing.

With the setup system tuning the car is a snap.

Pay attention to the front springs, because mine were not the same size (1mm diff). I've changes to Orange springs from Kyosho (almost the same tension and size) and the car is too good to believe.

It made me go back to my Pro 2 and tune it with all the things I've learned with it.

I've the setup sheets an my site. I'll publish them every time I make a change to let you guys know.


David Galdo 08-21-2001 03:00 PM

I don't use the Proline brand of tire. I prefer Sorex and Takeoff tires. I too have my latest set-up posted on my site, just click the Rollout link in my signature.

I have measured my springs and did not record a variance. I use Tamiya white on the rear and XRAY orange on the front. Firm inserts are the ticket but found that Takeoff medium inserts and CS27 work great.

I can't wait to try the ride. I have, since I last raced, added the front and rear sway-bars and balanced the car again. I hope to achieve a higher rate of speed during turns.

This is an excellent kit.

David Galdo 08-22-2001 04:12 PM

Those of you that can access the VIP room, do so. There is talk of new parts in development that will enhance the performance of the kit.


Kaliboy 08-22-2001 11:12 PM

Setup is coming around slowly
Been sneaking to the indoor track lately with my Xray. After driving on big tracks with my gas cars all summer, it was refreshing to get back into the indoor electric scene. Our indoor track is very tight and technical. This is my second season with electric indoors and plan on running mod this time around. I'm glad that I was running a fast motor in nitro. I think that it helped me out with mod. I don't know if they have a pic of the current layout but go here for more info; www.rctrack.com

I'm pretty close to a carpet setup on foam tires. I'll post it in the VIP room soon. By the way, my car is setup of with white sprins using dual one ways. The car is loose, but if you can wheel it, it is very fast and responsive.

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