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TRF-Powered 08-26-2001 01:55 AM

TRF414M, 404x, 414, 414X
I started this thread at RC-Touring. I just resgistered today. Thanks to Steve from Speedtechrc.com. He told me that almost everyone from RC-touring is here.

I haven't run my TRF414M yet. I'm just painting the bodies for it right now. It looks so awasome, didn't want to race it and crash it and end up ruin it's neat look.

I raced my TB-Evo though (My SN was TB-Evo Tamiya at RCtouring). It is extremely tough. I crashed millions of times and nothing break yet.

I finally raced it today. Placed 5 in the second qulifiying run but didn't do good enough to get into final.

Evo is a great car. But i'm not a good driver at all. My batteries are kinda weak too. I was running 1500mah. didn't have enough punch. Considering that all the other cars are running 2400mah and up, I did oK I guess.

I'm too poor to afford any good batteries right now. But soon Will be getting some nice batteries. By the time my driving skill should imporve too. Until i'm a good enough driver, I will run my TRF414M. Right now it's just setting there and looking pretty with a Ferrier360 body.

Post away about anything TRF-414 series. Happy posting!!

angrymrsquirrel 08-26-2001 10:21 AM

I'd like to see how you get on with the 414m. Arent they supposed to be extremely expensive? A guy at our club (the chairman) is supposed to have payed 650 for one, brand new. Not being rude but how much was yours? They're nice cars.
I'm happy right now because I got 2400 saddle packs and corally connectors all round for 20 last night.


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TFR 08-26-2001 03:03 PM

what you should do now is to learn how to set up the car and to drive, then you can sell the EVO, so you get money to buy batteries...

anywayz, why you so fast buy the 414M and not concentrate on the TB evo, i think EVO is a great car...;)

TRF-Powered 08-26-2001 03:25 PM

I won't be selling my Evo. I love both cars. Tuning Evo is differernt from Tuning TRF414M. Evo is taking a hell of beating right now. I do clean it up and fix it everytime I get into a crash. I baby both of my cars. Good batteries just have to wait until I can save up enough money to buy them.

TRF414M is cheaper then TB-EVO. I bought my TRF414M directly from Tamiya America for 299 U.S. dollars (plus shipping). And bought my EVo at a local hobby store for about 396 out of door. Which is over kill. At Tamiya TCS race they also have a sale, which they are selling Evo for only 198. I paid double of that!!! I was so mad and thinking I really sould of waited. Cuz I didn't had a chance to go out and racing until AFTER the TCS racing anyways. I am soooo mad at myself. That is a bad move from myself. anyway, What's paid is paid. My money please forgive me!!!!


Isaac 08-27-2001 07:26 AM


TRF-Powered 08-29-2001 01:31 AM

For those ones who have a TRF414M. What type of sorex tire is that? 36r? I have a 414M. but really not sure what kinda tire is that. I know it's a sorex mid-narrow tire. Are they speically made for Tamiya?

imataquito 08-29-2001 01:43 AM

if i am not mistaken .. someone who has the car said its 32 r 's...

TRF-Powered 08-29-2001 01:47 AM

I think I will check it out in the instruction menu. Hop that it says what kinda tire it is.

Isaac 08-29-2001 07:10 AM

I have some Sorex 32R's now and I can tell you they don't feel the same as the tires that came with the 414M kit. I think those were 28R's. That's my opinion. Hey call Fred at Tamiya USA and see if he knows. He's the tech guy up there. Pretty cool dude. Anyway like I said I think they were 28R's. The car was on rails with those tires and the stock inserts.


petersiu007 08-29-2001 08:55 AM

Anyone fed up with the stock battery straps? Put on the X-ray battery straps!! Works perfect and looks sweet!

Isaac 08-29-2001 09:00 AM

battery tape doesn't bother me so.... that's what I use.

razzo 08-29-2001 09:30 AM

anyone interested in slightly used 414M? please check the for sale section... thanks.

TRF-Powered 08-29-2001 10:57 PM


Are you the same Razzo from RCtouring.com? if so, How come you are selling your TRF414M??? Staying with TB-evo only?

TRF-Powered 08-29-2001 10:59 PM


Yeah I think I will call Tamiya and figure it out. It doesn't say anything about the tire size in the instruction menu. It's a "medium narrow" type tire. That's what the tamiya's website says.

Isaac 08-31-2001 06:17 AM

Mod Class Set Ups
Anyone with modified class set ups? Just want to get an idea of what guys are doing. Also what motor wind you are running. This would be for the 414M.http://www.tamiya.com/english/bnnr_414m.gif

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