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Default How often should a company release a new car kit?

I've seen people post complaints against how often a company (i.e. Xray) releases a new car kit, and I've seen posts where people complain about a company not releasing new kits often enough (i.e. AE, Yokomo).

What is your opinion on how often a manufacturer should release a new kit?
Mark Westerfield
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As often as they want or feel the need to. No one is forcing you to purchase the latest, and honestly, I highly doubt that the latest vehicles are always better than the earlier versions.
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Default releasing new kits

Companies should release new kits 1 month before I need to buy a new chassis. That way, I can buy last years model for 1/3 the price.

The worlds best drivers can win with almost anything, as long as they have tuning options. Releasing new kits on a regular basis makes the companies money and so they will keep doing it. Each new revised (not redesigned) model has slight improvements, which help the best drivers get faster. I seriously doubt that 95% of r/c racers are helped by most of these slight improvements.

Releasing new kits by a company is called the capitalist market. As long as there is demand, they will continue to release new kits and earn more $.
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I guess it depends on a lot of things, but every three years seems like a good compromise to me for major releases. Nothing wrong with minor improvements along the way as needed, though.

I don't think the technology is changing enough to justify a new release every year. While it may be great for corporate top and bottom line improvement, it's a pain in the neck for store owners (more E&O inventory) and drivers.

X-Ray seems to have adopted the Gillette model: Release a new model every year whether your customers want it or not. The blades get more expensive every time and consumers get used to paying more and replacing all the time. Is there real innovation in every release? No, but some people just gotta have the latest and "greatest."
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I'll give the answer from a BUSINESS perspective....

You have to have a NEW product to sell - AS SOON AS Sales of your LAST Product slip enough that you are no longer MAKING MONEY.

If the sales of the current cars stay strong for a few years, there's no need to put a NEW one on the market (Why do NEW production costs if they are not needed) but if sales aren't still going strong - you have to do SOMETHING to create a NEW HYPE and make a NEW or Revised Product SELL


I guess I look at it like a NEW CAR Manufacturer...

Just because GMC, BMW, FORD, HONDA makes a NEW car every year...plus adds NEW models...doesn't mean EVERYONE needs to run out and BUY-IT. I've seen many guys make the mistake of buying a NEW car instead of 'perfecting' the one they were driving....just because they thought they needed to keep the "BLING" factor going.
Joe Myers
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Ideally, the kit should last longer than the pack of batteries powering them. So, for IB4200s, about 1 month or 5 cycles, whichever comes first.

Realistically, every 18 - 24 months would be fine. As it is now, from the time that they "announce" the car to the time it is available at the shops is about 4 - 6 months. By then, over 1/2 the season is gone, then off-road season happens. So you really don't get enough time to sort out the car before they are releasing the next greatest thing.
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Iwould say about every 12 - 18 months. Even though nobody needs a new kit, it still is choice and option and gives people a new challenge to figure out. Nobody makes us buy any kits, so it's just an option. Imagine if we were all still racing TC3's and Street Weapons.

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I am a firm believer that some of the parts and or at least the hardware should be able to adapt to the new car so that you are not at a standstill with having to start from scratch all over again.

The new car and getting faster theory is not a myth it is just that there are only a small percentage that take advantage of the add-ons to make the laps all worth the purchase of the new kit.
Rick Hill

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Once every 2 years would be good. It lets you get used to the car and experiment over time. I'm not the best car setup guy so it lets me really "learn" the car.
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They can make new models as fast as they want to. Will I or you buy it every time, well it depends if changing to the newest model is faster, easier to drive, easier to maintian, easier to setup and more durable. If manufactures can make a better car then yes buy it, but I can tell you right now this racer only buys cars about every 2~3 years for a given class. The investment in spare parts is what keep me from wanting a new car every month. I wait till I feel I longer be competitive then I upgrade. Right now, I would most likely keep my Xray T2's for a few years. The changes in 5-Cell, 6-Cell, Lipo's are going to change the layouts of the car.

If the sedans get confusing with niche classes such as lipo's, 5-Cell, 6-Cell, Rubber, Foam, Brushless, Brushed I may just go to 1/10 Pan car. In 1/10 there is only 8 bearings and one diff to maintain, on my Xray, I think there is like 22 bearings, 2 diffs and belts to add to the cost.
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I don't do a lot of TOURING car racing - but when I do...I'm still using a old HPI Pro2. I've had NEWER cars, and they either broke easier or I didn't like them.

I've got 2 1/2 Pro2's left, and I've still got 2 TC3's but I use those for loaners.

I do still like one of the X-Rays...I think it was the '05 but I forget.

For OVAL Cars I have some of THE most current cars there too. HYPERDRIVE Pro3, KSG Gen2, but like on our VELODROME I run a OLD Associated 10L3 and even OLDER HPI RoadStar 10GO Oval Pan car (Which I believe is OLDER than my 15 year old SON who is driving it.) I also have 2 other HPI Oval cars we use on shorter tracks..and they are still very competitive.

(Oh what I always liked about the HPI Pro2 TC's was the ability to GEAR them unlike a SHAFT Car that was a Royal Pain to change gears on)
Joe Myers
R/C Racing since 1985 ~ Santa Maria, CA (Central Coast)
2001-2012 - South-West Tour R/C Oval Series...will the SWT be revived?
Things are headed towards a return of the SWT Series, but for
2017 the focus will be on the Encino Velodrome (and dirt oval racing)
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If xray would have shelved the original T2, and just released the 007 there wouldn't be these kinds of threads. Outside of running with the "big boys" we really don't need to follow suit, do we? I guess that's why I sold the touring stuff and run a 3.2r
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What other form of motorsports doesnt release a new chassis or frame each year. Dirt bikes, quads, gokarts, or street bikes. They all do. I like to see what they change each year. It makes each company stay on top of development.
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I don't really care how often a manufacturer releases a new car.

Back when I was running TC, I ran my original TC3 for about 4+ years. All this while other racers were buying car after car from Losi, Xray, Schumacher, Tamiya and others. The racers I was beating before they bought the new car were still getting beaten after they bought a new car.

Like others have said, just because they build it doesn't mean you have to buy it.
Jeff Gilligan
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Thread should read" Why do feel you must buy a new car every year just because a new one is out?"

One of my buddies is shelfing his 007 to run his FK04 again.... He had done this with 05 the T2 and now the 007 for the FK04. For some reason he feels its a faster car being balanced left to right... He performs better with the FK04. This is coming form a guy that spares no cash but is smart enough to know that new does not always mean better or faster.... Better maybe but not always faster....

But like SW said its business, no one go on an annual cycle if no one was buying
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