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Originally Posted by SteveM
HaulinBass - my guess is that after you bought the 4 packs you found out that puffy / swollen packs are a sign of a battery going bad which is a fire risk which is why you're now selling having "never even put a charger to them".

ColinH - not a lecture, just some advice on the dangers of buying / selling puffed lipo packs that present a real fire hazard. Maybe you should buy them.

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Looking for a 1s booster
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I got one Dwayne
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Ok cool, Ill see you Friday
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Looking for a Associated tc7.1 in calgary
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Default Brushed and Brushless motors

A few motors I found in my parts bins.
Some haven't been used other than mounted in shelf queen cars.

Tamiya Sport Tuned - was mounted in a F103GT and run in a parking lot a few times. - $20

Tamiya GT Tuned - was wired but never run, brushes aren't even fully broken in. - $25

Reedy Spec Quad Mag 19Turn modified. A real screamer, that hasn't seen the outdoors. I don't think this made it on to the track either, it's nearly spotless, other than a bit of label torn off- also comes with extra brushes. - $35

Savox XS.1 21.5 Stock Spec - was an impulse buy on a night I needed a spare at the indoor race track. Saw only a couple nights of use. Still like new - $45

Buyer covers shipping

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Default FS: New XRAY XT2 Stadium Truck Kit

Sold, thanks all!
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Default Looking for

Looking for a Tamiya M07
Roller stock.

For quickest way to get a hold of me email. [email protected]
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got two 7.4 venom 2100mah hump rx packs(kyosho/losi) ones new in package the other has been used for three club race days. $15 for the used pack $25 for new. will trade for 7.4v flat pack for sanwa m12/mt4/mts . or free if you buy my old kyosho truggy lol. I have no use for these both my soar cars run flat rx packs and my daughters truggy is 6V
also showing PICS of the 4 Gens ace lipos I have for sale, I took a picture as best as i could to show the shape of the packs as I said they were slightly out of square.SOLD each OBO ill take care of shipping(at that price they'd make a hell of a starter box batts)SOLD

gens ace batts SOLD

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Default Muchmore Racing Electronics - all NIP

As the title suggests all of these items are NIP items. I opted out of onroad this year, cars have been gone since November finally getting around to posting up the electronics and spare parts I am not going to use.

Muchmore Fleta ZX - 4.0t (MR-FZX040) - $70
Muchmore Fleta ZX - 8.0t (MR-FZX080) - $70
Muchmore Fleta ZX Sting 17.5t ( MR-FZX175ST) - $70

Muchmore Fleta Euro V2 ESC - (ME-FLEV2) - $75
Muchmore Fleta ZX V2 - 21.5t ER Spec (MR-V2ZX215ER) - $80
Muchmore Fleta ZX V2 - 25.5t ER Spec (MR-V2ZX255ER) - $80

all prices in USD
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Default Xray parts

All new in package

7 x 302665 COMPOSITE BALL JOINT 4.9MM-CLOSED WITH HOLE(4) $7.80ea total - $54.53
4 x 302363 COMPOSITE C-HUB RIGHT 4 DEG.- MED $8.50ea - total $34.00
3 x 302364 COMPOSITE C-HUB LEFT 4 DEG. - MED $8.50ea - total $25.50
4 x 303163 REAR SUSPENSION ARM - HARD - 1-HOLE - V2 $9.00ea - total $35.96
3 x 302165 FRONT SUSPENSION ARM - HARD - 2-HOLE $8.50ea - total - $25.50
2 x 303168 REAR SUSPENSION ARM - HARD - 1-HOLE $9.00ea - total $18.00
1 x 305870 OFFSET SPUR GEAR 100T / 64 - $7.80ea - total $7.80

2 x 308333 T4 COMPOSITE SHOCK PARTS -$12.00ea - total $24.00
7 x 303352 COMPOSITE UPRIGHT 0 OUTBOARD TOE-IN - MED $8.50 - total $59.50
3 x 305241 DRIVE SHAFT REPLACEMENT PLASTIC CAP 3.5 MM (4) $7.00ea - total $21.00

total Amain price - $305.79
Selling as a package for $230
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Default Huge ARC parts lot

Not running onroad anymore and finally got around to posting the parts lot.
All are NIP items and priced as a package.

1 x R10107C Anti-Roll Bar Joint (4pcs) $4.50 ea
1 x R101120 Low Friction Pulley Set $16.20 ea
1 x R10114A Ball Joint 4.9mm Open 6pcs (LF) $7.20 ea
1 x R10114C Anti Roll Bar Joint 4pcs (LF) $7.20
3x R10114D Steering Rod Ball Joint Set (LF) $16.20 ea
1 x R102003 Spool Axle Alu $12.60 ea
1 x R102004 Spur Axle Alu $12.60 ea

1 x R102102 Alu 4.9mm Ball End Long(4pcs) $6.30 ea
2 x R102813 Turnbuckle 3x28mm ALU-7075 (2pcs) $12.60 ea
1 x R102814 Turnbuckle 3x32mm ALU-7075 (2pcs) $6.30 ea
1 x R102815 Turnbuckle 3x37mm ALU-7075 (2pcs) $6.30 ea
1 x R102816 Turnbuckle 3x20mm ALU-7075 (2pcs) $12.60 ea
1 x R102821 Bell Crank 20mm Alu (2pcs) $18.00 ea
2 x R103001 Spool Outdrive(2pcs) $12.60 ea
1 x R103007 Steering Block Bushing(4pcs) $5.40 ea
4 x R103008 Ball 5mm(4pcs) $5.40 ea
1 x R103814 Pivot Pin Inner (2pcs) $5.40 ea
1 x R103015 Pivot Pin Front-Out(2pcs) $3.60 ea
2 x R103016 Pivot Pin Rear-Out(2pcs) $7.20 ea
1 x R103040 Pivot Pin Inner-Short (2pcs) $5.40 ea
2 x R104002 O'ring 3x2(4pcs) 2.7 2 $5.40 ea
1 x R104015 Shock Shaft Shim (4pcs) $4.50 ea
1 x R104016 Shock Membrane Big Bore (4pcs) $3.20 ea
2 x R104051 R10 Rear Belt Rubber 3mm $7.20 ea
2 x R104052 R10 Rear Belt Low Friction 3mm $7.90 ea
1 x R104053 R10 Rear Belt Low Friction 4mm $5.00 ea
1 x R104057 ARC R10 Low-Friction Front Belt 3mm $6.20 ea
3 x R104100 CNC Spur 83T (48dp) $21.60 ea
1 x R104102 CNC Spur 85T (48dp) $7.20 ea
3 x R104110 CNC Spur 96T (64dp) $7.70 ea
1 x R104112 CNC Spur 100T (64dp) $7.70 ea
2 x R106010 5x8x2.5mm Ball Bearing (4pcs) $6.30 ea
1 x R106101 2x9.8mm Pin (10pcs) $1.80 ea
1 x R106102 2x10mm Pin (10pcs) $1.80 ea
1 x R106104 2x11.8mm Pin (10pcs) $1.80 ea
1 x R106105 1.5x8mm Pin (10pcs) $1.80 ea
1 x R107012 Front Anti-Roll Bar 1.4mm $3.60 ea
2 x R107045 Shock Spring 0.24g Pink (Short) (2pcs) $5.40 ea
2 x R107051 Shock Spring Long 25mm 0.27g (Green) (2) $5.40 ea
2 x R107053 Shock Spring Long 25mm 0.26g (Blue) (2) $5.40 ea
1 x R108006 battery mount carbon plate $11.30 ea
1 x R108039 upper deck 1.6mm V2015 $-
2 x R109009 D.J CVD Set (Spring Steel) (2set) $45.00 ea
1 x R109012 rear separate suspension bracket (1set) $18.90 ea
3 x R109025 D.J CVD Rear 37.5 $45.00 ea
3 x R109029 Low Arm Set 1 Car (Hard) $13.50 ea
4 x R109036 Hard Steering Block (2pcs) $12.60 ea
3 x R109037 Hard Rear Upright (2pcs) $12.60 ea
1 x R109038 Ti-Coating Shock Shaft Long (4pcs) $21.60 ea
3 x R109040 Hard C Hub (R/L) $14.40 ea
1 x R109043 ARC R10 Front Separate Suspension Bracket #0/#3 (1Set) - $20.30ea
1 x aluminum c hubs $-
1 x R112002 R11 Upper Bulkhead (FL/RR) $15.30 ea
1 x R112003 R11 Upper Bulkhead (FR/RL) $15.30 ea
1 x R112042 R11 Fan Mount $5.40 ea
2 x R113010 R11 Roll Center Shims-Narrow 0.3mm (4) $9.00 ea
1 x R113012 R11 Roll Center Shims 0.3mm (4) $4.50 ea
2 x R113031 D.J CVD Shaft +1 (40mm) 2pcs $23.40 ea
3 x R114001 R11 Front Belt Rubber 3mm $6.10 ea
1 x R117001 Short Shock Spring SG C2.8 (2) $5.90 ea
1 x R117002 Short Shock Spring SY C3.0 (2) $5.90 ea
1 x R118003 R11 2017 Upper Deck 2.0mm $28.80ea
1 x R119007 Flex Adjustment Shims $1.80ea

Total retail price - $689.60
$400 including shipping
5 x R119004 R11 decal sheets included N/C
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ISO: Awesomatrix

Looking for a A700 or A800 Roller always wanted one or both
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Default Team Screan 17.5 Motor

Selling my new Team Scream Racing (TSR) 17.5 V1 motor. This motor was used for only two 5-minute runs at my last club race in the 17.5 sedan class. Extremely fast motor and was used at the timing setting shown in my pictures and came off cool at only 110 degrees. $130 CAN local Ottawa pickup. Shipping extra.

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On the hunt for an antenna mount and wing mount for the RC10. Proper vintage is PREFERRED (new or used) but I will consider repro parts.
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