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We invite the submission of any R/C-related products to us for review, both nitro and electric, on- and off-road.

R/C Tech is proud to have an experienced and competent review staff, and all products will receive a permanent review page here on the site.

To begin a product review relationship with R/C Tech, please contact us.

Official R/C Tech Reviews

Straight out of the R/C Tech Laboratories come our official product reviews. We are proud to have a facility equipped with the latest in state-of-the-art electronics, tools, and testing equipment. All products are tested under both controlled conditions and track conditions whenever applicable. All articles contained herein are unbiased, reflect only the authors' opinions as they relate to their work with R/C Tech, and are exclusive copyrighted works of R/C Tech. Enjoy!

Date Posted
Venom Night Ranger 3D futureal 3/5/06
APS Racing 3-in-1 Dyno Charge futureal 3/9/05
Nimble Motorsports TwoLane ProCharger futureal 2/22/05
DuraTrax IntelliPeak ICE futureal 12/22/04
Competition Electronics Turbo 35 GFX futureal 4/2/03
Kyosho Ferrari F-40 Mini-Z Racer futureal 4/2/03
SpeedTech R/C Project XXX-S Parts futureal 1/12/02
Airtronics/Sanwa M8 Limited Edition futureal 12/2/01

User-Submitted Reviews

One of the great things about having a large community of R/C enthusiasts, both racers and non-racers, is that we enjoy all sorts of differing perspectives on the many products out there. Here at R/C Tech we invite any of our members to submit their own reviews of the products they use, anything from vehicle kits, to motors, to tools, and more.

If you would like to write a review and have it appear here, by all means, go for it! We ask that you submit it in text format, and include at least a couple of pictures of the product you are reviewing. Do not worry about HTML, since we will do all of the formatting ourselves. While we appreciate all submissions, we will only print those that contain good grammar and demonstrate a fundamental understanding of the product(s) being reviews. Check out a few of the reviews here to get an idea of what we are looking for, and submit your own reviews to [email protected].

Date Posted
Competition Electronics Pitbull Charger juantrinidad 1/3/02
Duratrax Intellipeak Digital Pulse Charger Darkseid 3/1/02
Hitec Lynx 3D Spectra with Novak XXTra Receiver Trips 12/17/01
HPI Micro RS4 Darkseid 2/14/03
Integy INDI 16x5 Charger Trips 11/5/01
Novak Millenium Pro Charger Trips 11/5/01
Novak Switch Synthesized FM Module TSR6 3/29/03
XXX Main Touring Car Chassis Setup Guide TSR6 3/29/03
Yokomo MR4TC Special Speedo 11/4/01

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