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Originally posted by SteveA
You sedan guys are the one that are ruining it for the truck guys, you all ready had tuesday, friday, and sunday. There are alot more people that turn out to the truck races then at any of the sedan races too. THe truck guys would only have saturday to race with practice on trursday. Alot of the saden guys probably havent seen the truck program last year to know. So i dont see how or why you would want to cahnge it. Plus you got to think about the kids too, theres more kids in trucks then there is sedans. Sundays alot of kids dont have time to race because of school on monday. Like me if the trucks have to race on sunday now, i wont be there, ill go down to Trackside and race because thats Saturday.
A lot more people turn out for the truck races because our sedan program is being held down by the fact that Trackside is open. There are a good 10 or even 15 guys that would be at MARCCA every weekend, in addition to the few we get, if we were not running opposite Trackside.

I have seen the truck program many times and I know exactly what it's like. I don't believe the argument that kids cannot come to race on a Sunday afternoon any less than they can come on a (late) Saturday night. Switching trucks to Sundays would not kill the truck program, not by a longshot, and would even bring in a few guys from Trackside who would like to give carpet truck racing a shot.

Plus, as it was said time and time again, there is no harm in trying the new dates. If the truck program absolutely falls apart, or if the sedan program does not grow, we switch back. But our attendance keeps getting worse and worse, and we need to do something, which is why we proposed the new schedule -- a schedule that also allowed for weekend oval racing, which we now will not be able to do, unless we axe sedans on Sundays entirely (which I doubt we will).

And Don, I wanted to say again that I'm sorry for attacking you if you think my facts are wrong, but you and I both know we disagree strongly on this particular issue. I want the trucks to do as well as they have been, but we need to give the sedans a chance to grow, one way or another. Hopefully in light of all of this, the Friday program can be that chance.
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I am always looking for something to do on a friday night. I always race at trackside on tuesday and sunday. I ran the carpet challenge and it was a blast. Marcca put on a great event for their part. And yes i would come if transportation is available from my dad. I will run the challenge again. thats a for sure.
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Default SteveA and robob

Hey SteveA and robob;

We are a club. We are not truck guys and sedan guys.

I do agree that I have not taken the time to see what Sat. night truck racing is like. I will do that and maybe even bum a truck from someone and try to run. The kids thing is great and in a few years my little pit crew girl will be there. In fact there are several people who attend the sedan program that have kids.

I do not agree that anyone tried to take Sat. nights away from you. It is not yours to be taken. At some point in the past the board at MARCCA decided it would be best to race trucks on Sat nights. Now, if everyone would have showed up for the board meeting last Sat. the MARCCA board could have decide by vote that it would be best if sedans raced on Sat. night.

So, now that we have set schedule do either of you have any ideas on how you can help enhance our sedan program.

Charlie Toms 608-692-7033
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In the interest of keeping things friendly, I am going to close this thread. Charlie brings up a good point about the idea of "we are truck guys" or "we are sedan guys." I hope to try my hand at truck racing at some point this season; I raced one in the CCCC last year and had a lot of fun.

I also wanted to say that I was indeed wrong about the particulars of what did or didn't happen at the board meeting, and I'm sorry about that. However, I stand by everything I said about the schedule, and the need for changes to be made in this club.

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