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  • Hey everyone. New to racing here and I am trying to get a lay of the land for tracks in the LA area that support 1/10 electric on-road touring cars. SoCal Raceway is really the only track that I know of thats within an hour of LAX. Ive heard of Crystal Park, but I think they only do nitro there. Can anyone help? Thanks.

  • I live in Los Feliz on the northside of LA and I run pretty frequently at So Cal in HB. Depending on traffic, it usually takes about 45 minutes for me to get to the track...

    Hot Rod Hobbies in Saugus is only about 30 minutes north, and they host both on and off road club races pretty regularly...
  • There are also occasionally parking lot races that fit what you’re looking for:

    Hobby People
    and http://socal.rcracing.com/

    I believe Hot Rod only races OnRoad occasionally anymore on some sort of oddball schedule like the “2nd Saturday after a full moon…” so I’d call them before heading up that way.

    Crystal Park is Nitro only.
  • Hesperia and OC Circuit
    Hesperia is a world class facility. its "worth" the drive. the owners Scott and Gail are the NICEST people in the biz. traction is awesome, they have covered pits, electricity, covered drivers stand and an air compressor to clean your car. full service fully stock hobby shop too.

    and the cleanest bathrooms known to man!

    lots of food places around (del taco, burger king, panda express, etc)


    the other track every SECOND sunday of the month. its behind the la mirada activity center in the city of la mirada. MarkA posted the link above. socal.rcracing.com

    charlie barnes runs the show. you'll need a generator, table and ez. its a parking lot track. LOTS of traction and good racing all around. food places nearby also... carls jr, wendys, subway, burger king, taco bell.. etc.

    also revelation in montclair. (www.revrace.com) dont know much about their electric program. check their website.

    btw.. Fountain Valley Hobby People is racing this sunday.

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