• Hi...I noticed our track wasn't on here and thought everybody needed to know since we have a Awesome Facility. 9,000 sq ft hobby shop, heated/ac indoor pits, consession stand, and anything else you can think of. We have a huge crowd every week and love to see new faces. last week we rebuilt a INCREDIBLE Offroad track from scratch. Instead of me posting everything again.....I'll just give you a link. you can find pictures in the below links.



    If you have any questions feel free to ask away.

    hobby shop-
    track website-
  • But you left out about the oval and on road courses!!!!!!!!!!
  • Yes, you are right. Our Oval is considered the "Best people have been to" you can see pictures of it on the link at the bottom of my first post. CRC Our touring track was recently re-surfaced is awesome too. I have been racing Friday Nights now for a while and don't have the privaledge of making it back on saturdays to race oval and touring much. So I haven't taken any pictures of the tracks myself. I'll see if i can snap a few of each and the hobby shop friday and post them on here for all of you to see. If you have any questions/comments let me know.. Thanks


    edit- found these pictures of the on-road course that was newly changed and re-finished

    here is the oval track-

    Here is the Offroad Track-

  • Swung by last week (visiting from Ohio). Great to have three good tracks feet away from each other.
  • Glad to have you swing by. and especially glad you liked our tracks. Maybe if you come down again from Ohio you can stop back by.

  • How's that snow racing treating you?
  • What time does the racing start? There will be several of us from NE Tennessee there tomorrow for some outdoor off road racing.
  • Quote: What time does the racing start? There will be several of us from NE Tennessee there tomorrow for some outdoor off road racing.
    Check here:
  • A bunch of us from the Tri-Cities area showed up and apparently this was the first time in 2 years that they had run 1/8 there.

    Had a good time and plan on going back to help get the nitro scene going again in Easley.
  • CRCC Update - June 22 2011
    Just posting a more recent update to this thread.

    Hobby Connection is the shop name:
    Carolina RC Complex (CRCC) is the name for the tracks:

    We are racing off-road on Friday nights, including SCT Stock, SCT Mod, SCT 4x4, 8th buggies.
    We are seeing 40+ racers on Friday nights for off-road.
    We are racing paved oval on Saturdays, including 8-second breakout truck, 10.5 zero timing, 13.5 COT, .12 dynamite, 1/4 scale (every other week).
    We are seeing 30+ racers on Saturdays for paved oval.

    We have a good road course track that is currently looking for drivers.
    Some of us will be trying some USVTA racing in the next couple weeks...that may catch on.

    I have also started a website (not affiliated with the track or shop) that has general RC information in addition to information specific to CRCC.

  • If I remember, I'll bring my camera down with the wide angle lens to get some new shots.
  • USVTA On-Road in Easley SC!
    USVTA is officially "ON" at the Carolina R/C Complex (Hobby Connection) in Easley SC. We had our first race Oct 1 and will continue to run on Saturdays while the weather is warm enough.
    Great first day of racing and we look forward to many more!

    USVTA Rules can be found here:
  • USVTA is growing at the Carolina R/C Complex in Easley SC!