Racing in San Diego, CA??

  • Anyone know a good racing /bashing spot in East County, Sandiego, CA?
  • Good for off-road or on? Racing no... Bashing yes... On both counts! Let's get all us southlanders together, huh?

    I'll start a thread...
  • I am always down to race. I will be at Socal tomorrow. How about you rpnick? When are you going to start racing?
  • Maybe today up there, I was unaware... as usual!
  • After that debacle last week in handout class, I don't think I have anything to worry about.

    Wished I'd entered the fray... You were right!!!
  • Right, how so?

    By the way, Socal starts at 6 so you need to be there by 5 at the latest.
  • Right in the sense of "Run it, it's only $7!" Think those were youir words...

    I was worried about bashing up someone's ride, obviously unnecessarily.

    Sorry I missed you today, but being stuck in the back of a pickup in the HP parking lot for 2hrs because your bro locked his keys inside, and his lady won't answer the phone (nuther story!) puts a damper on the day, so we had to drown our sorrows. On top of that, he broke his car in half, literally, and just found out the parts are discontinued... can you imagine the mood?

    Oh well, yoshinoya was good...

    Which body micro should I get tomorrow? rtr I mean. Does it matter? Any advantage to the wheelbases? I saw a 350z body I liked, so maybe I'll pick that up too. 25% off bodies Monday btw.
  • I would recommend the Ferrari Modena body. It is 150mm only.
  • yeah I'm gunna get a Crowd Pleazer For my T3 when I get it Monday

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