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  • Quote: Were you broke at the RAC ??

    You comming this weekend freak ??
    So far, I am still coming ya big galute. If it changes I will let you know.
  • Kibler
    Bill Kibler, if you read this - please call. Your parts are in.

    If anyone can reach Bill, please let him know.


  • And if you reach Bill tell him his McCullough's Nemesis will be at TRS this weekend
  • i will try and make it there saterdayto do some helping on the track....i do have to be at my other job at like 4 pm so i wouldnt be able to hang out all day.but then again i might just have to call off so i can be there to help with the build.

    talk to youngs lata.

  • Jum & Gixxerman you both have PM's.

  • Quote: I'll tie both you mf'ers up. All this work on the outdoor track for one more race?
    Stobey, don't say that to loud, because Fast Eddie is into that type of thing!!

    We are not really doing all kinds of work to the track, just shaping a jump or two! Stop up if you can, I plan on taking the scale over to practice a little after were done! We should be there around 5 or so!
  • Quote: So far, I am still coming ya big galute. If it changes I will let you know.

    sounds good ! rematch in gt between you , Ed , and i ??
  • Quote: Jum & Gixxerman you both have PM's.

    GET OUT of the OBSCENE section !! your going to give gixxer bad ideas !!
  • Anyone got a couple hitec servo horn's for t-4/gt I could buy before Sunday?Didnt catch Chuck in time. Thanks .........Brian Daugherty
  • d4man
    D4man, How much did you spend to go to Altoona and race with them? Afterall Bill is way better than Rustlerboy you better get all new Motors and Batteries

    Old G
  • Dux , how are ya doin ?? did they get ya all fixed up ? Hope your feeling better !!!!
  • brian , I have a $h!t pile of them , all different kinds ! just hit me up at the track or do you need them sooner ?
  • pipestar...a.k.a orange racer....a.k.a...tall ass mutha

    what type of machine are you going to be racing on carpet this cold season?
  • lux graphics,
    i see that youre on here.....i am going to have to get ahold of you to talk about a lid.....
  • Gdux, winning is so important that my T4 is now powered by nuclear power. Well worth the 10 billion I spent!! Mhahahah, better watch out boyz

    Jim, I helped Fisher break in his 8ight, and all went well. It's on for Sunday beatches!!!!

    Yes, a rematch in GT (or mod truck) is in order !!!

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