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Sunday June 18, 2006 Race Recap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >

Sunday June 18, 2006 Race Recap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday June 18, 2006 Race Recap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Default Sunday June 18, 2006 Race Recap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The race weekend actually started on Saturday as almost all of the major players showed up to get some track time in as Sunday the weather man was calling for Thunder Storms all day, as the day went on it seemed everyone stopped concentrating on driving and began focusing on Sunday’s weather. As rumor spread faster then a family get together that Sunday was going to be sunny and warm with Thunder showers now only being forecasted in the evening, everyone began testing set-ups and the smack talk began.

Sunday morning,

I woke up to a gorgeous sunny morning; a little bit of a headache from the monthly guys poker night but Ohwell it could be worse. Right? Yes it was it was hot, and I mean stinky hot, not only hot it was humid, and before I even got to the track (passing Steve Bortolotti at 140kmh on the highway in a sport ute!!!!) I knew it was going to be a tough day.

The track was packed way before I got there, warm-up was underway and the sound of screaming nitro cars was in the air. Today was a little more quite then usual as a local TCS race was underway the majority of the electric racers were not in attendance. This left the day wide open for the nitro cars and racers.

The early morning heat was proving to be a challenge for everyone as even standing on the drivers stand for a few minutes left your eyes burning from the sweat dripping from your forehead, and the lack of oxygen in the air was more then an issue for almost all nitro drivers trying to get the most out of there engines without sacrificing reliability.

The early morning practicing really didn’t make any driver stand out as the track temperature was a blistering 140deg Cel! Traction became an issue. No traction wasn’t to high infact at these temperatures track grip goes down and it becomes very “MUSHY” and finding the right set-up for early morning and into mid afternoon was going to be different then late afternoon track grip.

The track was the same from the previous week, however this track is tough and although being aggressive on this track can yield rewards, the best way to get around it is smooth and consistent.

First Round of Qualifying

Again the majority of the racers this week were in the 1/10th Nitro Touring Car class comprising of 4 heats of 7 cars. I will mostly focus on the nitro cars this race recap as that is where 99.99% of the action was. The Classes and heats were as follows:

1/10th Nitro Touring 4 Heats
1/10th Open Electric 1 Heat
1/10th 19t Sports Man 1 Heat
Mini OUTLAW!!!!!!! 1 Heat

1/10th Nitro Touring

Today again was 4 rounds of 5 min Qualifiers and trust me everyone including me was very thankful for this. There were no clear fast guys through the first 2 rounds of qualifying other then James Mak who took the early TQ from the get go and never looked back as his Serpent 710 was in a league of its own(not to mention he can wheel a car).

Brenno, Ty, Francis, Steve, Lou and Myself were all having an interesting time during the first 2 rounds of qualifying as I blew my trusty motor that has been so friendly to me in the first round, and I am very sad to see it go! Luckily James M lent me his spare motor so I could participate in the rest of the days events.

Howard C was really on a tear through the 3rd and 4th round of qualifying, as was Ty having a 4th round 2nd place qualifying run. Brenno and I were really having a troublesome day as I barely made the A-main in my last round of qualifying and Brenno qualifying close behind.

The weather was really playing havoc on the nitro cars motors and set-ups as the track grip was very random. It definitely was a trying day on all the drivers as the heat wasn’t just playing its game on the cars but drivers as well, as some of the drivers couldn’t finish their qualifying due to the heat and having to pull off to douse there head in the cold hose water thankfully provided by FastCats.

Forgive me if I get this wrong but the A main qualifying ended up like this:

James Mak Serpent 710
Ty Grant Mugen MTX4
Lou Vanderway Mugen MTX4
Steve Borotlotti Tamiya MK02
Morgan Johns Serpent 710
Brenno Corsara Kyosho V1RRR
Howard Cho Mugen MTX4
Francis Lee Mugen MTX4
Ross Chiramonte Mugen MTX4
Ryan Allison Mongoose G4

1/10th Open Electric

Well basically Martin Crisp put on the gong show and played with William Morgan…not Morgan William…JOHN!!! William Morgan!!!! LOL!!!! William came out to try his luck at open modified for the first time in recorded history, being his first time he did very well, as Martin toyed with him all day but basically just having fun.

1/10th 19t Sportsman

Between Michael C and Marc S, and Andy B…who Andy….Yes Andy!!! Although being triple the age of both Michael and Marc put together, Andy wanted to beat up on the younglings, however during warm-up Andy tapped the wall and broke his uber strong Tamiya…………………

Michael and Marc had a great battle through Qualifying as Andy sat the majority of the day out fixing his car.

Mini OUTLAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So today Mini outlaw really meant mini outlaw as Johns P and Scott S decided to run foam tires on there minis, this left Steve B out to dry as both John and Scott posted qualifying times that would have earned them top spots in the nitro B main. Yes these guys are fast!!!!

The Mains

The heat was still not letting up going into the mains but the setting sun allowed for half the track to be covered in shade allowing the track temperature to drop a few degrees and let traction come up a percentage point or two.

Everyone was very slow before each of the mains, not to much action or talking was going around as everyone looked like they had been hit by a MAC truck due to the heat.

1/10th 19t Sportsman

Marc S was on TQ and Michael sitting close behind with Andy B starting in third. The tone sounded and all 3 were off very cleanly as these younglings are really getting good and really enjoying the extra power of the 19T motors. Marc S won in commanding fashion as Michael and Andy battling it out for 2nd spot. Michael took the win and left lil old Andy to crawl across the line in 3rd…LOL!

1/10th Open Electric

Martin C and William M, had fun from the get go, as Martin let William have the lead so head could practice his passing skills, as Martin kept the racing close with William, it came down to the final lap as martin tried to make a “Hail Mary” pass that didn’t work and William one by 1000th of a second. Martin Crisp also showed us what a 50mph ballistic drift car could do!!!


Usually a pretty big class that was small today due to the TCS race on the east end of the city, this left John P, Scott S, and Steve B the lay of the land, however just before the main Scott B was tricked by Steve B as Scott decided to change his tires from foam back to rubber, as Steve decided to sit the race out Scotty S was left to battle against Uber cheater John P running foams.

Well this was definitely the deciding factor as John P obliterated his good friend and allied Scott S.

1/10th Nitro Touring

It was a pretty Star studded event as every driver who made it to the A-main had a chance to win. Unfortunately James Mak today’s TQ was unable to race the main due to a fathers Day supper he had to attend. This moved everyone up in the field and put Ty G back in 1st place to start.

The cars were all started and just as we began our 3 min warm up a garbage can fell over from the first gust of wind all day and blew lots of debris on the track. As almost all of the drivers were able to dodge the flying debris, yours truly ran over something which broke my universal. I quickly asked John C if I could have 5 minutes to repair the universal and he graciously obliged, I ran back to the pits and made what had to be an Olympic gold metal time for a Universal change. Thanks to all the drivers for giving me the 5.25mins to change my universal.

We all began another warm-up again, John C called out the 30sec mark and all of us slowed down on the back straight and looked for our pit guy, we were all refueled as the flag man lowered the flag we all cleared our exhausts and the cars were dropped.

The flag lifted and all of us were off to a great start, Steve B had a minor bobble in the first corner that let me slip by, however I was gathered up by someone stuck on the turn before the short shoot in front of the drivers stand that let Steve re-gain his spot. The tempo was really quick, however Brenno flamed out in the 3rd lap, and Ty G was having major tuning issues was quickly dropping off the pace letting Francis L and Lou V battle it out for 1st and 2nd, Steve B and I battled for 3rd and 4th spot, and the race was on. All the battles for position were close and tight and as the first round of pit stops loomed I knew that this race may be won in the pit. Lucky for me I had Scott Smither pitting for me and he is not only one of Canada’s best drivers but one of its fastest and most consistent pitmen.

John C announced the 5min mark and almost everyone came in except for me as I decided to try for a couple more laps with little fuel and a lighter car to get past Steve B. As I came in Scott was super fast and got me back racing just ahead of Steve B, this lasted for all of a few seconds as I got really loose on the far sweeper and tapped the outside wall that knocked something loose but didn’t know what it was. Steve regained 3rd spot and I tried to stay close behind him as his pace was greater then 1st & 2nds pace and I knew if I could stay with him we could both get back up to the battle for first. Francis and Lou were still staying close as the 10min mark was shouted out. Francis came in for a pit and so did Lou right behind him, as Francis was thrown back out Lou’s car flamed out and was unable to restart. Francis now had a pretty comfortable lead as it was up to Steve B and me to catch back up. Howard Cho in his newly acquired Mugen was on a mission although being down a few laps due to engine trouble he was definitely throwing down great lap times showing us that if his motor was up to par he would have definitely been a contender.

As time was winding down the gap between 1st to 3rd was definitely lengthening and we all were getting very tired, Steve B was really on a tear trying to catch Francis as his latter pace in the race was definitely quicker however time ran out for Steve and he had to take a very very well earned 2nd, myself in 3rd and todays winner Francis Lee.

Final Positions (best I can Remeber)

Francis Lee Mugen MTX4
Steve Borotlotti Tamiya MK02
Morgan Johns Serpent 710
Ryan Allison Mongoose G4
Howard Cho Mugen MTX4
Ty Grant Mugen MTX4
Lou Vanderway Mugen MTX4
Ross Chiramonte Mugen MTX4
Brenno Corsara Kyosho V1RRR

Hopefully the points series updates will be made me FastCats has the time as I know they are very very busy geting ready for next weekend, however the points race is very very very close and this year is prooving to be an awesome one!!!!

It was really a day of attrition as the heat was at times unbareable. Just finishing this main for anyone was a reward in itself. Congrats to everyone on a great day of racing and guess whats next weekend……

That’s right the first FastCats Outdoors trophy race of the year!!!!!! Look forward to seeing everyone out there!!!!!

Till next week!!!
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