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  • Website is up and running but not completed check it out!
  • You can click on the web site link in my signature to get to the eXpress motorsports website to get more information about the products and also the web link is We're just finishing up CC ordering and it's not available yet, but will be up soon so you can order directly from the website. We're new and growing so check the website frequently for news and updates.
  • impact

    i just bought two of tags stock motors and was VERY happy with them

    and when the outdoor season starts i am gonna get a couple of there packs with TRUE #'s

  • Update from Nats...
    Well guys Jon just gave me a ring straight from Nats and told me that the team is doing AWESOME!

    Tag has been making crazy horsepower and has been helping not only the team, but many other people with there motors...So that is dialed that he's getting the name out at a huge race like this one.

    Williams is in the A right now...bout 6th he told the Stock Touring A-Main, and the rest of the boys are in the B and knocking on the A's door. It is the same story in 19T with most of the guys running up there with some of the factory drivers and knockin on the door to get in the show.

    I'll have more tomorrow when Jon gives me another call after they run the last 2 quals...

    Good luck to all the Express Drivers!!!

  • Hey all, sorry this will be brief. I am on a junk hotel computer. Team Express is a rocking here at the Nats. We have 2 cars sitting in the A stock touring as of now, Jon Williams and Mike Dobbs, 19T Mark Strasnick is sitting in the A so far and Mike Dobbs and Mike M are in the top 15 so far. Our entire team is rolling.

    On a side note guess who got the luckey slug hand out... Yup me. Go figure. Thats all fixed now I now got it awake for my 3rd round I just hope it last's 5 min.

    Anyway, I got to get some rest ,the last 3 days I got about 8 hrs of sleep. But man am I having a blast watching our cars run.

    Thanks for the support all,be back Monday.

    Love ya Cheryl
  • Good luck guys! We'll talk when you get back.
  • Awesome runs guys!!!!!!!!!! Shock the world !!!!!
  • Great run guys good luck!

    Steve evaes

  • ttt
  • Thanks Steve - I'll see you next Sat night at horsham. Hopefully some more Team Express guys will show too.

    John and Jon - Your LED dist boxes are all done and i'll ship them tomorrow. Bring it home today
  • Good weekeend for me tq stock and 19t A main won both batteries were awesome!!Go team Express bring it home.

    Steve eaves
  • Congrats to you guys. Good job. I was thouroghly impressed. Tag with motors, and Jon, with the driving. Nice. See ya soon.
  • I have to thank Tag for the motor tips at the carpet nats. I did what he said after he zapped my cans and I hade major ponies!! I had a blast going to dinner with you guys. John, way to wheel this week!! Congradulations to Team Express. I hope to see you guys soon. Freddy, I had fun racing you in the F main. Both of us were nationals rookies coming into this race, now we have no excuse next time. Your wine selections were perfect at Olive Garden!!!

    Ron DePoto
  • Great job to all you guys that were at the Nats Who's looking forward to Vegas?

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