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  • Dont worry Im sure Ill remember how it all works by July. April and May might be scary though LOL
  • Tag,
  • They dropped the handout tire rule for the mod nats this year
  • Yo anyone have a date for Hobby Chamber for the Carpet nationals. Kinda wanna know so that I can see if I want to go.

    it has all the info you need...
  • You the man Juan! Man we all need to get together next year and run at the Birds! We'll have a blast! Guess I'll start planing now!
  • No handout tires means start buying tires 4 months ahead of time. Im not sure what way i like it better.
  • Quote:
    Originally posted by Bob Barry
    No handout tires means start buying tires 4 months ahead of time. Im not sure what way i like it better.
    ask around RC madness...I'm sure they have that info some place

    You really have me thinking about tagging alone to the Mod Nationals
  • It will pure insanity!!! I know my boy Larry will be wheelin it there as well as No Frillz Millz. I'm tryin to get TK up there to rock with the big dogs but he's afriaid he might get bit
  • I haven't been to a Nationals since the 93 Truck nats in Grand Rapids Mich, I hope this one is a little better than that one. What kind of track is madness, Blue groove, Loamy, or what?
  • I just looked on their website and the pics were old. Looks hard packed and dusty. My guess would be holeshots or bigshots/fuzzies and possibly the same for the truck. the pics were going on 2 years old though so who knows. I do know that they run 1/8th scale there so its going to probably be alot of ruts and very rough. more like offroad that you remember probably. as far as blue groove.....ive never seen a national that didnt groove up to some extent. Im going to keep digging for info.
  • It isnt blue groove, lol.

    I never really ran mod there, just 8th offroad a few times and we ran either cubics or crime fighters.

    Its hard packed, and a little bumpy, I am going to ask my hero, mark smkya as to what to run since its his home track, and I should be running there all spring and summer, should be figured out.
  • Pardon the interruption...

    Update on eXpress:

    - Matchers are running full-tilt now and cells will be available by early next week (not bad for only 2.5 weeks under our belt!)

    - eXpress website will be up and running in the next two weeks

    - We'll be offering GP3700s for those interested.

    - Intellect cells will likely be arriving in the near future

    - ROAR and Trinity-based stocks will be available late next week

    - Trinity 'C2' based 19T turns will be available late next week

    - Finish Line 'F' brushes are now available in bulk

    - Reedy 767s are now available in bulk

    - Pit Boards and faceplates with our logo (and your name) are now available through MaxSpeed Designs (all those interested can contact Scott directly)

    - The output of this new facility is nearly triple what I've had in the past and the inventory will be more than *quadruple* so we'll have plenty of stock for those interested in our products

    Until the new website goes up, you can place an order through our respective addresses: [email protected] (batteries) and [email protected] (motors and brushes)
  • Sounds great to me Jon.

    As far as the track at RC Madness, how big is it? Hmmm sitting here already thinking about tires for a race in 5 months
    I would Imagine it will groove up somewhat. And you said bumpy, is this going to be a real offroad race instead of concrete with jumps? That would be kinda cool.
  • Jon- sweet!

    Larry- Its reall offroad, not concrete with jumps, I think marcy has some video's on his site of gas truck from a year or two ago that shows the track pretty well. Surface does have pretty decent grip, not blue groove, but pretty good, and its not that abrasive. To give an idea, probably ifmar pins a good starting choice for tires.

    Its around 120x40feet or so, around a 20-30 second lap time, probably high 20's, i have no clue what we were turning in 8th over the summer, lol, I would have to go back and check the jlap results.

    It should be a well run race though, and he should have PLENTLY of spare parts on hand, he runs a very good hobby shop as well.

    To really plan ahead, i think he is having a regional a month or so before you guys should come up and run!

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