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  • congrats to everyone at the regional, I had a great time and the express power was awesome! That third qualifier was terrific with all the team express powered guys running within tenths of seconds of each other. Congrats to the team and I look forward to seeing you guys at the nats

    -Ed Forer

    PS I can't believe parma tires were worth a quarter second a lap!
  • Ed - No doubt. We TOLD YOU SO! Seriously, the Parma tires are so consistent and have more front bite with the smaller orange strip.

    Thanks to everyone for the kind words.

    Hey Mark - come out, come out wherever you are!!!
  • Jon ,Ya heading south tommorow night
  • Huh?
  • South My house,Heard ya calling I am pre-eating i'll be done in 15 min
  • I just want to thank everyone at eXpress for their help during the regional! The motors were crazy fast and never fell off; i was very impressed to say the least. After trying out alot of different combonations the final package was MONEY! and I am very much looking forward to the nationals! Maybe next time i can figure my 12th scale out, lol!

    -Mark Strasnick
  • Right on!
  • Quote:
    Originally posted by John Tag
    South My house,Heard ya calling I am pre-eating i'll be done in 15 min
    We all know that there is one lost in this world still. No hope for him! Another poor soul lost in this vast plain.

    On a brighter side of things:

    jdwca you got pm! Please whenever you find the time, read it, kinda important.
  • Jon,
  • Simmer down, Tag.
  • Quote:
    Originally posted by John Tag
    Not sure if anybody local has been by the Jackson r/c racing website but there's some big races planed and some Major news. Check it out
    Very nice Team Express giving back to the community Or at least the local racing community
  • Quote:
    Originally posted by jdwca
    Update: our cells were rockin' this weekend. Tag and I were both testing out the new batches and they were *strong*. We both noticed the difference right away. They feel very strong from start to finish and the IRs are even a tad lower than the old batches. We should have our new cells cranking by the end of this week. Look for the website soon after.

    Motors will also start shipping at the end of this week.
    Jon - will your cells be available by the end of February?? Was looking for some for the Hanover TCS race in March
  • Kevin - yes, we should have some ready to ship early next week.
  • K Bo rockin the pimped eXpress TRF vehicles!!!!! YA HERD!!!
  • Quote:
    Originally posted by Bob Barry
    K Bo rockin the pimped eXpress TRF vehicles!!!!! YA HERD!!!
    Something like that

    I'll be running the express motor in the F201...and batteries in my GT1 car...Hopefully they will be the edge I need - well, them and not hitting things

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