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  • made the A at Elite Electric indoor challenge at Bumps n Jumps yesterday. man it was a shock to get into the show with all the big fish that were there. lil 10.5 ran like clockwork all day friday practice (including 45min stints, yes 45min stints!!! come off at 110deg!!!) and on raceday saturday. power was not the problem for sure, just some setup tidbits and that nut behind the wheel.

    great product, thx

  • Hey all, if anyone is interested please watch the Celebrity Apprentice on NBC at 9PM tonight. My business is being highlighted along with our video phone. If anyone has questions or wants to learn more please contact me or check my website in my sig.

  • Hey all..

    All past orders have been shipped. We also recived another shippment of DUOs today. Those will be processed today and they are all now back in stock. Get them while you can this is a KILLER batch. I have also put them on sale thru the weekend...

    I will have a Nats report later on after I get some more info from some peeps. I just wana say Great Job to the entire team and supporters!!

  • just wanted stop by and CONGRATS TO ROBBIE

    ROBBIE local boy is the MAN good job
  • Thanks Tag for the motors for nats. They ran great for the entire week. I ended up finishing 3rd in the 13.5 Foam B main and 7th overall in the 17.5 foam A main. Motors were by far the fastest I have ever run and you could tell many more at the nats felt the same with their motor choices.
  • Hey all...

    Just wanted to take a moment and say congrats to all on there great efforts at ROAR Nationlas. The team put in some awesome efforts with long hours with lots of wrenching while able to maintain a great time and help others. Great job all.

    Congrats to all on your finishes.. Robbie Dodge man you had a awesome week with your Express Powered X ray with Express DUO based motors and IP5000 in rubber car sat 2nd on grid in foam and 4th in rubber winning foam A1 and taking 2nd overall in foam and 3rd overall in rubber, AWESOME JOB!! Larry Fairtrace fast as always didn't have the result he was looking for but still 2 solid A main Nationals runs in 13.5 foam and rubber Great effort Larry. Greg Dombrowsky fought back from some tough luck friday to nail down a A main spot in the stock foam A main great run. Joel thanks for supporting Express products also you were STRONG all week I was watching and was really pulling for ya..Nice job!!

    Guys I would like to welcome a new West Coast dealer to Express Motorsports. I would like to Welcome Kendall Bennett and A Main Hobbies as a dealer for Express Motorsports and to Power Kendall's cars at A Main Hobbies. If your on the West Coast stop in A Main Hobbies for all you racing goods.....
  • Motors as always performed as expected. Getting back into racing never seemed so hard when you have ESC's smoking up right from the box. Our B main was a disaster, and if you get to watch the video, you'll see why. so far its been 3 for 3 on back luck with big races, but one of these times good luck should shine my way. Congrats to all eXpress drivers at the nats...Larry's car was top fuel as always and Greg and Joel were able to lock up Stock A main spots, and Robbie for placing 2nd in super stock foam and 3rd in rubber
  • Tag, thanks for awesome cells and 17.5's. I wheeled my 1/12th scale the best I could. It was a stacked class. Thanks again Tag.
    Next up is Indoor Asphalt.
  • Thanks Tag, and again, thanks for all the HP! Had a little help from EA on a battery for the foam car as well, which proves how well our teams work together.

    Looking forward to racing with everyone again soon!
  • Tag - You have PM
  • John - Thanks for the HP this past weekend at the Nationals. It was great to go in and not have to worry about motor. You would not believe how many Express motors I saw in our section... lol

    Do you have a 21.5 Duo? I need to get one for my daughter so that she can start racing in the next week or two?

    Also, I'm in need of a 10.5 and or 4.5 Duo.

    Let me know,
  • Mark I will return PM later in DETAIL..LOL I got what ya need except 4.5 but can have that shortly..
  • tag- got an email saying my motors were delivered, after 2 that said shipped. there not here, no hangtags on door. mistake?

  • No..Thats how web is set up..Thats just to notify you items shipped.. Both Orders...
  • Thanks John

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