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  • Lies I tell you....

    I build a few motors every month! So some lucky soul actually gets EddieO built br00d power!

    And that little prick peter learned everything from me....

    And hell yes I charge extra for XXX brushes....kinda hard to justify selling a motor for the same price with $10 dollar brushes instead of $3 brushes....

    Later EddieO
  • eddie0
    when`s my order ready
    getting ear bashing from some racers
  • It's shipping today....

    Later EddieO
  • $10 BUCK$ OMG....

    Just kidding..

    So only $7 more right.....?
  • eddie0

    do you think i should pay you !! so you can pay peter
  • $7 to use them and if you want an extra pair, thats another $7....we sell them for like $11.00 seperately, so its a pretty good deal...

    Mr Jolly, I will get you an a total this weekend...

    Later EddieO
  • Eddie you have PM!!!
  • Eddie its been one month

    you mean they are still not done???
    The race is already this weekend
  • Which order is yours? I can't really match them by screen names....

    We have fallen behind and I do apologize. I do only have one employee really.....and with nats in march, it put us behind.

    Massive orders are going out this week....we completed 4 over the weekend.....yours may of been one....

    Later EddieO
  • Hows the traction at Peel-It raceway?
  • Actually, it sucks....

    Some spots had crazy traction, so much that it was burning up the motors and the speed controls...other areas were just right....and some areas had NONE....

    It was so bad, that I called in the asphalt guys....they will be there today or tomorrow to lay down 1 1/2 inches of asphalt inside the building....

    Later EddieO
  • EddieO

    Hows the turn around time going? I screwed up when I wrote the order on the Paypal page, I typed 10x1 and meant to type 10x2. I sent an email explaining it, did you get? I hope it is not to late to straighten it out, if it is thats OK. Thanks Eddie.

    Tim Millay

    Team Fusion
    Team Tekin
  • EddieO
    You got PM....
  • EddieO,
    What is the default timing on your 9x1 V2 motors?

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