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    Originally posted by Matt Howard
    haven't you learned after following stlnlst with his last motor sponsor?
    Next time I'll tune the motors myself....LOL You should have seen the one I did for 12th scale last weekend. Guys had to use a zapper to get their motors as fast as mine. Next time out will be with the Team Br00d power.
  • bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  • how can I get a Team br00d Stock Motor ? Who sells them ?
  • Quote:
    Originally posted by John Q
    how can I get a Team br00d Stock Motor ? Who sells them ?
    Drop EddieO a PM and he'll set you up with one.
  • Jimmy
    Which motor are you looking at for me to bring over to submitt??
  • How long does shipping usually take to MD?

  • Quote:
    Originally posted by jimmy_maddison
    hey guys i will be running all team Brood motors form mod to 27t to 19t all these motors are awsome has i have done two meetings so far and tqd and won them both!!

    colin why did you think that eddi was going to distribute products through much more???

    my deal is direct with eddi

    thanks jimmy
    glad to hear that you are happy with the horsepower
  • EddieO
    You got PM.. in need of some power!!!
  • Hey Peter, get better soon bro!

    Your not supposed to leave the track until after winning the main
  • hey i drove all of saturday hacking up my lungs with a fever of 102, gimme a break!
  • bitch moan bitch moan suck it up boy
  • Does your pussy hurt too??

    Later EddieO
  • OOOOhhhh! Damn! That's harsh
  • Quote:
    Originally posted by EddieO
    Does your pussy hurt too??

    Later EddieO
    it does and i am gonna beat you silly with my purse the next time i see you.
  • EddieO
    You got mail...

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