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  • It has not shipped yet. It will this week. A few of the modifieds got delayed.
  • Ok thanks.
  • Quote:
    I was wondering when you guys might have some of those high end Ener-g cells back in stock?
    End of today....approx 6-8pm. Half way through sorting, #'s looking good..lots of runtime. The 450+ second pile is pretty big..
  • The Ener-G are still not available on the website... Maybe very very soon !

    Can we place an order even if their not in stock on the website ?
  • co27s
    hey, you guys have been out of CO27s for a while now, any idea when you will have more?? Thank you, Corey
  • Sorry guys, my Internet went down.

    I put a small batch of EnerG's up, more tomorrow.

    CO27's are in stock, that was an inventory error on the site. They can be ordered now.
  • International extra shipping charges
    I tried to complete my Ener-G batterie order but I can't due to international extra shipping charges.

    How can I do to pay the charges and complete the order ?

    My account is [email protected]


  • you trying to get EMS shipping?

    lemme know the problem and i can get it fixed asap
  • In fact, I beleive that the problem is due to the fact I would like to order 10 Ener-G 6 cells factory packs and that there not enough in stock...
  • what's the battery care routine for these EnerG's?
  • Quote: In fact, I beleive that the problem is due to the fact I would like to order 10 Ener-G 6 cells factory packs and that there not enough in stock...
    ahh, that should be taken care of tonight, we put them up for the people that had to have em, and now we are just needing to finish matching and take a finale count for the site

    Quote: what's the battery care routine for these EnerG's?
    im just leaving a charge in them and that seems to be working....i would check smc's website to see what they say on the ener-g's
  • Battery Care
    Brood EnerG 4600 Maintenance Tips
    Congratulations on purchasing an Team Brood EnerG 4600 matched pack. These cells have been processed to give great performance. To maintain the performance level of these cells please follow the tips below.

    Before the first charge: The cells have been stored with a small amount of charge in them to help maintain the highest possible capacity. All new generation sub-c cells self discharge fairly fast. Not all cells self discharge at the same rate so itís important to place them on a discharge tray that will bring all the cells down equally. If your tray has a cutoff, set it at .90 volts. Trays with no cutoffs that bring the cells down to zero volts can be used but itís important to not keep the pack discharged at zero volts too long. As soon as the all the lights are off on the trays with no cutoff, you must then start charging your pack since leaving the cells at zero volts for an extended period of time will result in a drop of capacity. The pack will perform at its best after it has been run once, as the cells tend to be unbalanced after being stored with charge.

    Charging: Use a high quality peak detection charger. Use a 6 amp linear charge with the peak detect (voltage threshold) set at .005(5mv) per cell. A 4 cell pack would be set at .02(20mv) and a 6 cell pack at .03(30mv). If you own a temperature gun we like the packs to peak around 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

    After the race: For maximum performance itís important to discharge the pack after a race. Discharge at 30-35 amps down to .90v per cell. This means 3.60v for a 4 cell pack and 5.40v for a 6 cell. Prior to charging the pack back up you should follow the traying method described above.

    More than once per day: You can use your pack more than once per day. This will make the runtime drop slightly, but in most types of racing there is runtime to spare. Make sure to let the pack cool down for a period of 2 hours in between charges. Repeat the traying method described above prior to charging the pack back up.

    Storage: After you have finished using your pack and you want to store it, we recommend you wait until the pack is cool then put 600 seconds of charge back into the pack. For long term storage (3 weeks or more) you should discharge/tray the pack then put 600 seconds of charge back once every 3 to 4 weeks. This will keep the cells from self discharging too low and keep the capacity as high as possible.

    Warranty: Make sure to keep your sales receipt as we will only fix or replace cells/packs that have issues if itís within 1 month of the purchase date. Due to the new generation cells having low IR and high performance, the reliability and life expectancy can be compromised and Team Brood is not responsible for use/abuse of the cells. We have confidence that the EnerG cells are as reliable as any other cell on the market, but proper care will result in a longer cycle life.

    Warning: Do not dispose of in fire, short-circuit, insert batteries with (+) and (-) ends reversed, deform positive cap, cover vents or mix with different battery types. Charge only with a charger designed for Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries. If leaked liquid gets in eyes, wash them with clean water and consult a doctor.

    Please recycle your old packs!

    Team Brood Racing
    PO BOX 363
    Silvana WA 98287

  • chrispy ... I responded to your email concerning shipping. Thanks..Wes
  • hello, i just ordered a roar x stock with bearing at stage 3 blueprinted and was wondering, i am running an off the shelf monster co27 pro in a tc4 facotry team, currently i am geard at 6.4 fdr, do you think with this roar x motor i would need to gear up or down, was just wondering so i can order pinions if i need to, also do you ship with stickers so i can put them on my car to show Br00d off?

    many thanks

  • Dustin,

    ...I will try and remember to throw some stickers in.

    ROAR X requires a much higher gearing since it's a higher RPM based motor...more in the 7's.. You may need to go anywhere from a 7.3-8.3 with that motor depending on the track.

    Last time I personally ran the motor was on a real short course and I ran a 8.0 FDR on 63mm rubber tires.

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