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Old 07-25-2006, 11:17 AM   #3106
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Originally Posted by Akotha
Oke, sorry to be a pain here but I'd atleast like to get an update on my order (#1616).

As you do say, it takes about 14days to make my motors and in some cases another 14days for it to reach Sweden. However it's been, tomorrow 4weeks and the order is still in "Processing..." and I have not heard anything from you guys.

If there are a queue on these items I've ordered or in general I would really apritiate if you could tell me, and atleast answer my emails.


your order is almost completed.....we had some troubles with the 19x2, but it will be on its way this week...
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Old 07-25-2006, 11:18 AM   #3107
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Not to step on anyones toes here but I have been to Eddies track, seen the Br00d workshop and race with his team guys and his Employees, I have met Eddie and even raced with him at his track, he is a very nice guy and tells it how it is, some may think its arrgogance, having money or whatever but the truth is he tells it like it is cause like me he wont beat around the bush and feed anyone a bunch of crap or lies to make someone Happy. If he thinks a motor is a piece of crap he will tell you its a piece of crap.

These guys do want to take care of Customers and Eddie/Team Br00d is probably one of the biggest if not the biggest supporter in this Industry.

People need to realize when you get 100's of e-mails a day saying Sponsor me or I will stop buying from you my personal take is go buy somewhere else then. Team Br00d, EA, Axiom, Putnam etc. cannot and WILL NOT just sponsor Joe Blow becouse he says if you wont Sponsor him he will go run for another Company that made him an offer - have fun, and you get what you pay for.

You also need to realize Eddie has a Family and obviously doesnt need to have Br00d or Peel It to survive, the guy has Money, he does this cause he loves the Hobby and the Wife thing I can relate too. I spend hours upon hours doing motors, a Series Event, Racing etc. and it hurts a relationship and like he said any man with a brain knows your Wife, Fiance, GF also needs this attention.

I see people complaining on here bout orders etc. and instead of asking in a Public Forum why not send an e-mail or call them? I know Eddie, Peter or Garrett will respond as soon as they can.

Anyways give these guys a break, they do hand wind all thier Mods from scratch and I have seen the Equipment and it is top notch. Computer Problems happen, Dyno's will crash, these are electronics and they will break down when you are the busiest, infact one of my HDD's crashed on my Network, and my HDD in my work PC took a dump (not literally), I think mainly due to the 100+ deg. Weather we are having here.
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Old 07-25-2006, 12:03 PM   #3108
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All understandable and perfectly reasonable explinations. However, expecting product within a week is reasonable to me. And IF that is not possible a nice order confimation email with an estimated time of completion is not to much to ask. I and most people kinda begin to wonder when orders are placed and money leaves your account and you hear nothing for weeks. Ive seen Brood gear in action and have had the chance to try a motor of thier's recently. That expeirence brought me to Brood. No Ill opinions here...just alittle notice would have been nice.

Asfar as the sponsorship thing goes...lol those people are nuts! Sponsorship should be earned without asking..MUCH LESS threatening. Shame on those people.
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Old 07-25-2006, 01:01 PM   #3109
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I honestly didnt know that each motor was made for the specific customer (Mods)...

So are you saying you guys arent going to sponsor me? j/k of course.
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Old 07-25-2006, 01:33 PM   #3110
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I didnt realize that either..I made the assumption that since it was a "buy now" type website that it would be right out. When in reality its a "back order" or made to order type situation. I think they should specify that on the web site during checkout. That way...say you need some brushes for this weekend and a mod arm or motor for somtime down the line. You the customer knows to make that a seperate order cause the arm or motor will be awhile because it is in fact...a custom job. No harm no foul.
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Old 07-25-2006, 03:36 PM   #3111
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I believe most of the motor tuners out there build motors on each order, and don't keep a stock of tuned motors, simply because it's hard to tell what the requests are going to be for. I know that when I buy motors from Eric it can take him up to a week to get them out to me.

Ie. It would be useless to have several motors tuned for 2wd off-road and then somebody will probably order a motor tuned for 1/12th scale. Now he either has to build up a 1/12th scale motor, retune the 2wd motor to 1/12 scale specs, or if he's out of stock, put the 1/12th scale on hold, and sit with 2wd motors on the shelf.

Personally, I sent out my message earlier, cuz I was shocked to get a tuned armature in 3 days. On my order, the only request I made was if possible to get the arm by August 4th. (for a big race that I'll be attending).

A suggestion I would like to make for Team Brood is possibly send out an estimated ship date when they receive a new order and add it to their queue. Other than that, don't give in to person X threatening to goto another team unless you sponsor them. If a person acts like that, do you want them to be promoting your product in the first place? To me, when I look at what X driver is using, that's great and dandy, but I also want them to have a decent attitude. And generally speaking, some people act all god like just because they are sponsored. A couple of weekends ago I raced with Charlie Perez in our State championships. The guy was a class act and did not talk about being sponsored the entire time. In fact, he helped 3 drivers with Novak speed control issues over the weekend, including giving one of our local kid drivers a brand new speed control (via a drawing we held for the juniors), installing it for him, and then giving him new tires, and a wing for his buggy. Because of him, it renewed my faith in Novak and the service they provide. That will keep me buying their products over a kid, guy that goes, "Dude!!! I'm wicked fast with my Brood motor! And I get em for free!!!"

This is my first time trying out anything Team Brood related. Anyways, that's my 2 cents. I've heard great things about em, so we'll see how it goes.

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Old 07-25-2006, 06:40 PM   #3112
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Oh, and hey guys, don't forget.

The home of Team Br00d, Peel-It Raceway, is hosting Offroad Stock Nationals THIS Weekend!
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Old 07-26-2006, 02:06 AM   #3113
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Hi Team Br00d,

I want to thank you for everything. I finished 2nd last weekend in modified using the Team Br00d motors.



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Old 07-26-2006, 04:06 AM   #3114
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Originally Posted by flameoutgarrett
your order is almost completed.....we had some troubles with the 19x2, but it will be on its way this week...
Looking forward to get the package.
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Exclamation NOTICE

Garrett, Eddie, and myself are all helping out at the 2006 ROAR Off-Road Stock Nationals this weekend at Peel-It R/C Raceway. This is EddieO's track and the team brood test facility. we want to put on a good race, so responses to email and posts here this weekend my be a little slow. i know garrett has his laptop setup at the tech station so hopefully we will be able to keep up.
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Old 07-26-2006, 10:45 AM   #3116
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Your's and Garrett's sig is cracking me up!!!!

Team Kyosho America - Team Br00d Racing - Team R/C Plus - GQ Racing Tyres - Slapmaster Tools - FSX Racing
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Old 07-26-2006, 04:26 PM   #3117
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So like any guy with a brain, I chose to make my wife and family my priority. I lost sight of what meant the most to me and I have spent the last few months (and thousands of dollars) making ammends with her and my kids.....

Smart man you take of whats most important and the rest will take care of its self.....
<>< The Truth Will Set You Free!

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Old 07-27-2006, 06:57 PM   #3118
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Default team drivers

hi all:can someone clear up a few things for me.first looking through some '06 ifmar worlds pics i saw mike dumas's car but no brood decal on the body has he left brood?also is travis amezcua now a team brood driver and is it motors and batteries or just motors?thanks for the help
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Old 07-27-2006, 08:00 PM   #3119
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Well, Dumas lost his stickers or some crap.....so, his body was lacking, as they put a new body on before the mains.....

And yes, Travis Amezcua is now a Team br00d Racing driver. He will be running our motors, batteries, and accessories.

Later EddieO
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Old 07-27-2006, 08:02 PM   #3120
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Originally Posted by EddieO
Well, Dumas lost his stickers or some crap.....so, his body was lacking, as they put a new body on before the mains.....

And yes, Travis Amezcua is now a Team br00d Racing driver. He will be running our motors, batteries, and accessories.

Later EddieO
Update your sig.....I know you have some 06 wins in there...LOL
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