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  • Hurricane is steppin it up! Big Time!!!!! Talk about deals! WOW!!!
  • awe crud, I better get a new sharpie out of this deal.
  • Hey guys see the team hurrucane 7 second dragster at the byron dragway this SUNDAY. The Play Ground Of POWER!!!!!
  • I hear your car is that fast b/c you have Gold brushes in your starter motor.... Keep an eye out on the website for the new Gold brushes for Drag Racing starter motors..... Chad have you run that beast yet this year and whats she running?? Think you can take Jucha's STI????
  • "awe crud, I better get a new sharpie out of this deal"

    HAHA good one Kraig
  • Sat and Sunday will be the first time out. The brushes are doing thing's i can't imagine. This thing has 15:5.1 comp and they turn that bad boy over like ron jearmy does to a hot blonde .
    As for jucha's STI. If he can turn 7.50s at 180+ he might have a chance. ~~~~~~~~~
  • Hey Guys - I am leaving Wed. for Tulsa. Any orders placed from Wed. on will not get shipped out until the following Monday.

    Thanks - Brad
  • Give me a month to get over this race and I will put my EVO up against Juchas STI anyday. I would put my 02 WRX up now! As in Its for SALE. Anytakers? We could pack it up and send it back up North with Brad! lol
  • Hope everyone had a great racing weekend!

    Randy - I'm sure I could find some room to take your WRX back with me. We will be there on Thursday afternoon. Should be a fun weekend.

    Thanks - Brad
  • Hey Brad!

    Nice talking with you today.Will give you a call Monday afternoon.Have a good time in Tulsa!
  • brad, the bag is here
  • A new Shippment of cells arrived today so if your looking for some Fresh cells be sure to take advantage of the web special or just get some new fresh packs.

    Yay....the bag is here.....

    And Welcome to the Team Racenut!!!
  • New Battery Shippment
    Guys - These batteries are the best we have seen in a long time. Place your orders now before they run out!

    RobK - Call me down at the shop.

    Thanks - Brad
  • good luck in tulsa bradly
  • Good luck to the Hurricane Team at the Tulsa invite.. Sorry I could not make it Watch the site for the great deals,later Drew

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