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  • Hi, I wonder what the total cost for a complete BMI chassis for the TC4 shipped to Sweden would cost?

    Also wondering if someone of you that ran the BMI TC4 och carpet can tell me whats the difference from standard?

    Sorry if my language is a bit strange somtetimes
  • Tim XLB,

    Thanks for your help and dose of sanity Sunday. It is nice to hang out with you and Mini. I missed the A by 3 seconds and it would have been nice to be in there.

    I just wish that I wouldn't have cut the corner going onto the straight on the last lap too short or I would have placed 6th in the A. Ugh. Still not bad. I'm sick of glitching too. It only happens in Lansing. I don't know why.

    The best part was in the main it started glitching really bad and I handed the radio to Rick who handed it to Bob who handed it to Dave who handed it to Greg who had a bad glitch and hit a board and the motor backed off. Now 4 other people got to feel what I was dealing with all day.


    Thanks for the setup tips on saturday. They really helped out a bunch.

    Till next time,

  • Does anybody have a good set-up for a BMI TC4 running on ozite w/rubber tires? I'll be mainly running in the 19T class, maybe with a little stock every once in a while. I forgot to mention, I also like to run a front one-way, and have both sets of sway bars.
  • HEY JASON !??!
    any Idea when I should expect a few goodies ..????
  • Is there any place online where I can buy a chassis protector for a x-ray chassis?

    Jason B.
  • Bennett Check your PM
  • Re: Battery slots for 3300 in BMItc3
    Originally posted by rs911
    Hi guys just wondering if some could give me some info on the best way to adjust the battery slots on my BMItc3 to seat 3300's properly. Mine dont sit good in the chassis at all and when i tighten the battery brace down I think it is tweeking the car? At the moment I even tried taping them in to bypass this problem. Also I'm still having problems with rear traction on this car , for anybody who remembers my posts about this problem about a month ago I have tried all your suggestions with still no real cure for the problem and it's starting to become a real bummer. I'm still running rubbers, sorex32 c med inserts now seem to be the best tyre combo so far on med to high bite ashpalt, I continue to spin the rear around on corners and for the life of me ant work out whats wrong . I've tried all forms of tyres, shock angles, springs, camber,etc. The frt is good now but the rear is too unpredictable any further help or suggestions would be great!
    PS. My home track is the England Park track,Brendale Queensland Australia venue for the 2006 nitro worlds, just to let you know!
    Thanks guys;Karl.
    hey buddy ..........I hope this isnt to late but have you try;d a front bar and a locked diff to soft springs in front and soft in the back like a 12 - 17 lb rr........15-20 in the front..slow the dampening down to 50 wt oil small hole piston........long camber link in rr.....up high in the tower............not so much droop in rr sounds like the car is transfering wieght to fast and to much........just trying to help i've been there
  • Tim Stamper:


    anytime I can help just let me know. we were hoping you'd make the show. the glitching problem is a pain sometimes at lansing Mini's 1 1/12th glitches there alot. we have replaced everything to try to get rid of it. and Mini still gets it time to time. about the only thing I would suggest is to stand your Rx on edge behind the servo. that's where Mini's is on his TC3 and on his Xray we run in stock.



    the TC4 chassis (at least on carpet/foams) is better handling, (the same lap to lap), turns better through the corner. setup we ran was close to the same one we ran on our TC3. also it is lighter and stiffer than the stock TC4. we ran one of the prototype chassis before they did the last revision and the new ones are even better.

  • Okey, that souns nice

    But i've read a lot about glitching problems, is there any sort of them on the TC4 chassis?
  • Morrissey:


    We never had any glitching problems at our track with the TC4 chassis. and our track is somewhat glitchy in some areas as seen in the above post to Tim Stamper. we only ran it at our track during testing. I really can't say much more about the the TC4 chassis/glitching besides that.

  • OK !

    What did the BMI chassi cost you? They dont have it on there website yet.
  • Quote:
    Originally posted by Morrissey
    OK !

    What did the BMI chassi cost you? They dont have it on there website yet.
    They haven't updated their site yet, but just give them a call and they're ready to be ordered. Mine is on its way
  • the TC4 chassis kit is $125.00 and is in stock.
  • Got my TC4

    I put together the TC4, it looks real sweet

    even better than the TC3

    Ill be trying it out this weekend and also post some pics soon. If it only handles half as good as it looks it will already be in the "A"

    Another job well done by BMI!!!!!!!

    Please send me some more when you have available.

    till later
  • Quote:
    Originally posted by protc3
    the TC4 chassis kit is $125.00 and is in stock.
    Any idea how long shipping to canada takes?

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