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  • Is that Asphalt tires on a foam track?

    Ray, don't be afraid of the rubber band tires...we are trying the out at CORCAR finally in the 19t class. Still not comitted to a rubber only class but people are coming around. I really like the rubber so far. Cleaner than foam, no chunking, and you don't have to re-set ride height, droop and gearing every run.

    Jason, PM me your Phone number. I'll get you my $$...Paypal or CC is fine. Gotta have that BMI XRay.

  • LOL yeah.... I changed it..hehe...a better way of wording it now,
  • evryones chassis kits will be shipping this week if they havent shipped already.

  • Quote:
    Originally posted by protc3
    evryones chassis kits will be shipping this week if they havent shipped already.

    Hey Jason

    Did you get my PM that I sent to you
  • yup,what happened,it got returned again
  • Quote:
    Originally posted by protc3
    yup,what happened,it got returned again
    No no it's on it's way to you right now.....AGAIN

    next week on weds maybe you should have it
  • Joe , you beat croy ??????????????? who was driving his car ? He must have gotten breinar'd !!!!!!!!!!!!! Man , i forgot how much fun this was see you guys sunday.
  • seems like everyone has been getting breinered lately,JOE!!!!!

    see you guys sunday and dont forget your crying towels
  • Jason,

    Hey-I know I ordered like 5 or 6 different things!!! All at different times did you happen to get them out?

    PM me if you ike.

    Have a great weekend,
  • Jason:

    did you get my message from your wife Friday?? call me on my cell as I'm back to not sleeping again.
    go kick some tail this weekend. to the guys who are tring to kick Jason's $$s just wait for the OTHER Jason shows up. He'll start kicking everybodys $$s.......... as soon as he gets used to running ashpalt again with them wierd tires


    I will start geting everything together to be shipped on Monday. you'l be getting Mini's Cleveland car from last year. what radio are you using now????.

  • Hey Jay, I thought you just said last week the only people getting briener'ed were the people buying BMI chassis kits
  • hey joe,go clean that turd off your driveway.and if your nice i will tell all the neighborhood kids to stop throwing bags of $h*t at your house
    hope you had fun with your 2 red apples last night
  • Hey Jay, the driveway's all cleaned up.......I used one of my old BMI chassis kits............great pooper scooper

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