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  • I talked to Jake McGarvey, a little bit ago, and he came away from the Traxxas race with a 1st and two 2nds. That's $700 Not too shabby Jake. Good job
  • Mom, Glad to see your Buckeye's won on Saturday, I can still see your smile from here,

    Casper, I am jumping on the "Beaver" bandwagon, even if that means we get to see Penn St. vs OSU again. That win on Saturday was great and that may show that this is the year for the Beav's, plus I love it when uofa loses.

    Jake, way to take "King of the Slash" award, 700.00, maybe you can buy some xtras for the Bisbee motel, I heard they could use a new pole in the living room.

    Happy Thanksgiving to the Banzai Nation, Alex and I hope everybody has time for some family and pumpkin pie. The OC/RC race is on Saturday, sign-ups being taken on Saturday morning. Doors open at 8:00am and qual's start at 10:00. With Fez calling the action, it's sure to be a fun day.
  • Thanks Phil-- I think OSU might have something for Penn State this time around. We are slow starters (season wise) and we dont travel long distances well so it might be a different story this time around even though it would be more exciting to play someone we havn't already played this year.

    One more game before we can worry about the rose bowl though. The Civil war should be intersting this year. That is for sure! We can take all the beaver believers we can get though.

    Good luck at the Platinum race. I think I will be missing that one.
  • Casper: You're not going to be there on Sat

    Phil: I'll see you Sat The doors don't open 'til 8:00 so I won't have to get up in the middle of the night Did you say something about Jumping on a Beaver
  • Oh yeah, anyone going to Turkey Night at Irwindale
  • I don't think Sat is in the cards for me. I think I might try and get out for Fri night racing but I have too much on my plate to have the wife let me be gone for the whole day.

    I have to watch my beavers beat up some ducks as well!
  • Quote: Casper: You're not going to be there on Sat

    Phil: I'll see you Sat The doors don't open 'til 8:00 so I won't have to get up in the middle of the night Did you say something about Jumping on a Beaver
    Scott, if that beaver has the same outfit that Brooke worn last night, I would jump on it.

    Casper, I know with the big game on Saturday, your mind would not be on racing, I hope they have it on one of the TV's.

    Look forward to seeing you Scott, what classes are you running ?
  • Hey Scott and Mom just thought i would drop by and say Hi and see how everything is going .... I try to get on here as much as possible but the last 2 or 3 weeks were pretty rough ... Hope to see you guys soon I just pickedd up a t4 . Take care ..... Eric
  • Wish I could go to Turkey Night... That is a real fun time.

    Hey there Scott and Mom.

    I hope you guys are well and have a good holiday planned.

    I need to call you I guess, I need 2-55turn motors. I was hoping to maybe have them in the Blue cans, if at all possible. I'll find your number and call you soon
  • 626.963.0422

    Is the phone number on the web site!
  • Thanks Casper, That saves me a trip to the rolodex....Dont want to miss any of this Exciting episode of Dora the Explorer..

    Sitting here with my son, educating myself. Hows your little one doin?
  • Downtown, seeing you in here posting is an awesome way
    to kick-off the holiday season!!!! Miss you!! Call me
    when you're ready!!!!!!

    Eric, good to see you in here too!! AND you got a vehicle!!
    We'll be at Pegasus soon, also OC this week-end for the race
    there! Stop by or give me a call too!

    Pit Dad, Scott has a new video on YouTube he wants you
    to see. I'll let him tell you, but hint-hint, it's the other
    "legs", Heidi!!!

    All packages have been mailed for the week. I'm a little slow
    on the return emails, get back to everyone as soon as I'm
    finished baking pies!!!!!!!!!


    Mom, It was great talking to you this morning as always. Here is a pretty good pic filled link with some current specs on what guys are running for equipment.
    Thanks again
  • Dave-- Troy is doing great. He turns 1 tomorrow! It is amazing how time flies!

    Glad to hear you are still playing with RC down there in SD!
  • Mom- The new "stuff" is running better and better with each and every run. I wouldn't be surprised if Banzai were to sweep the Gyro Race this weekend.

    I heard additional members of the nation were coming out so it should be a packed house.

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