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  • Ya, I haven't seen that Felles guy in a long time..... His humor alone is worth the price of admission...
  • Thanks for the setup Casper, I will be ordering those motors soon off the banzai site. Has anyone tried the sport diff spring in place of the belleville washers on a bk1 or mf1? I want to test my losi vehicles with the spring and HD thrust bearings.
  • If you are going to rebuild your diff. Build it per the CR specs with the brass washers and the CR square wire spring. You will want part number LOSA2908 for the sping, LOSA3039 for the diff rings and LOSA3018 for the thrust washer. If you need new outdrives you can get the Steel A3038 or the plastic diff. IF you do run the plastic diff though you need to glue the brass ring to the outdrive so you do not melt the outdrive if the diff is set a little loose. The new CR diff is AWESOME. I cannot say enough good thing about it so far.
  • Good info Casper!!

    Well, it's Friday night and I'm sure everyone is getting ready to head

    out to Bakersfield for the JBRL Race this week-end!

    We aren't going, so I guess that means I'll have to drive everyone

    nuts calling on the cell phones for updates!!!!!

    The Tumbleweed Classic is this week-end also in New Mexico. I don't

    have cell phone numbers for that, so somebody better update me!

    Good luck to everyone and most of all, HAVE FUN!!

  • Judi-- I am a plethura of useless RC information. This is what I do on all the other threads about the rest of the car!
  • I don't know much of any good stuff except about motors!!!!!!

    But I enjoy reading it!! Oh, and I know Yokomo shock caps work

    great on AE shocks!!!! That's the extent of it!!!!

  • Oh, here's a good one. I should use this for a contest!

    Do you know what the absolute best comm cutting fluid is??


    We just don't use it for obvious reasons!!!!!

  • I can't wait to see somebody cutting a comm with milk this weekend.... So Judi, is it 2%, whole milk, skim milk or what.... We'll miss you guys this weekend!
  • I think I see a ghost in here.......
  • Milk? Would not have guessed that one! I figured it would just be sharpie! Just not sure what color works best!

    I know stupid stuff like all the losi spring colors from softest to stiffest and the piston colors and junk like that!
  • Keith, I can't give away ALL the useless information secrets!!

    Casper, maybe we should have a contest! Whoever has the best

    useless information!!

  • Good luck to everybody in Bakersfield this weekend! I have been absolutely swamped recently and will be returning all emails ASAP, and unfortunately due to a change in plans, I will not be able to make it out to the JBRL. I apalogize that there won't be any pictures, but I just can't make it to this one. You can bet I'll be seeing you all next month at Hot Rod though!
  • No pictures, well I'm not going then.... Infact I boycot all remaining races since there will be no pictures at this race. That's a bummer you won't be there Jason... Got any time for me next week???
  • Yes, I'll have time next week. I'll get in touch with you later to work something out.

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