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  • I love it.

    "T-Bang the competition."

  • Thanks for the kind words Dwayne. I was one of those guys trying to keep up to your Mod (19 turn) in the main...man that thing was going fast. It was running great. It is nice to have Canadian tuned motors to use at the races. Keep up the good work Trent.
    Kevin Phillips
  • Quote: I love it.

    "T-Bang the competition."

    Trent.. I will have to say.. That is a good logo...
  • Quote: Trent.. I will have to say.. That is a good logo...
    I need to get some t-shirts made up......
  • Yeah you do !!
  • Big T....where's my shirt????
    See you in Kamloops...
  • Is there a video demonstration online of how to T-Bang the competition?

    I tried searching for it on google, but it just took me to some porno sites.

  • It's kind of like that, but different.

    Maybe we'll get some footage of it at the Kamloops race, and we can start up a Wikipedia page or something.
  • Trent: Just wanted to say a quick hello, you and I used to speak when I worked at TRINITY. Glad to see that things are going well for you. Talk to you soon!
  • Dave Graboski!

    Good to hear from you man. How's things going at MRC? I didn't know that's where you went.

    Things are definitely ticking along nicely right now. We've had pretty good success both up here in Canada and over in the UK. The racers have been really supportive, and all of the guys from the industry have helped me out a lot. I owe a lot of people big time for helping me out.

    Good to hear from you man. Hopefully we'll cross paths at a race or something one of these days.

  • Trent.....you have email
    See you next week
  • trent you got pm

    see im kamloops next week Dwayne and Trent.

    Chris Morrison
  • UK-RC A driver Sion Wedley tq'd and finnished 3rd at CML carpet masters today running a t-bang type E stock and tq team cells.
    B driver Martin Todd finnished 3rd in the a 19t at the North West winter classic running a t-bang 19t c2 motor.
    B driver Stuart Colby tq'd and won at WKRCC running a t-bang type E stock motor.
    The motors were awsome easily the fastest motors of the day.
    Thanks Trent for supplying uk-rc with the motors and helping the team to get the most out of them.

  • Good stuff Gaz.....here in western Canada T-Bang stocks and 19's are dominating the Western Canadian Indoor Championship Series. In 19turn foam I have 3 wins and one TQ out of 3 rounds with my Xray 007 and T-Bang Komodos....2 more rounds to go. The last round, stock was TQ'ed and won by a T-Bang CO-27 in the Xray of Stu Leckie.

    T-Bang The Competition
  • You guys are making me blush.

    Thanks for the kind words - looking forward to the big showdown in Kamloops, BC this weekend. Seems like almost everyone from Western Canada is coming out for the showdown.

    T-Bang is a sponsor and we'll be there for anyone needing help with their motors - just look me or one of the guys up and we'll be happy to help you out.


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