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nicholaschean 06-26-2012 05:18 PM

Beware of 8452 3346. Irresponsile
On 26 December 2012, this bugger agreed to deal with me and buy my nitro monster truck but he demanded that I deliver to him. I wanted him to self collect incase people aeroplane me but since he cried that his work end at 8.30 bla bla.

So i pity him and agreed to meet him @ buona vista mrt at 9.30pm. Guess what? I lugged the monster truck with the accessories . For example, nitro fuel. He did not even care if I got caught with the nitro fuel in the Mrt. Reached that 9.00 pm.

Then at 9.20pm. He sms gave me the shock of my life. " Alamak bro sorry last mim need to do ot as company stock arrive quite late afternoon. I thought can go off early now need atleast another 1 to 2hr to finish. Sori bro".

I was like WTF? 10 mins before the deal . This bugger could not even give me a damn phone call or apology .Leaving me like a dog waiting for no one there?
I tried to call him.... At least 6 times.

Later reply me with all his bullshit saying cannot knock off from work, manager dont let him go.. Come on.. I have never work before but YOU could have the least have the decency to give me a call and explain. On my way home, last sms from him " WORK IS MORE IMPORTANT"

This guy wasted my time . Even though I had alot of school work, this guy could not care less. I hope YOU will be looking at this dumb thread against you.

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