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huasze 04-10-2002 07:38 PM

anyone know where sell hpi spare parts besides zoom?
broke a front upright, need 1, zoom no supply right now. any other place got sell?

fuse01 04-10-2002 07:45 PM

Cant tell you unless you tell us what HPI cars you are talking about.

ijnek 04-10-2002 08:40 PM

try going 2 tis website.
kasey might have it...
mind u he is doing a online business,so the stuffs r not 2nd-hand unless stated.

his prices r veri good also n he is a veri friendly guy,...


AO 04-10-2002 08:45 PM

Let me know the model and part number i may have. When i left zoooommmmm i bought a lot of parts... PM me.

KopiO 04-10-2002 09:38 PM

pro 3 is a misfortune for HPI. Zoom is a..........

:flaming: :flaming:

GreenTea 04-11-2002 02:29 AM

Sigh......:o :o

ijnek 04-11-2002 02:45 AM

Originally posted by KopiO
pro 3 is a misfortune for HPI. Zoom is a..........

:flaming: :flaming:


not really so,...hpi pro3 specV is a veri gd car,jus too bad tat it has not yet reach our shore...mayb it has,but no1 wan 2 go down 2 zoom 2 take a [email protected]@k...

if pro3 is a misfortune for HPI,then Zoom is a......terrorist attack worse than the 1 on the World Trade centre...hehee (personal views)

Bugs Bunny 04-11-2002 02:47 AM

Any type of brand of car which landed on e hand of ZOOOOOM is a misfortune.:weird: :weird: :weird:

huasze 04-11-2002 08:58 AM

the front upright is pretty generic cos most hpi cars use it,
it's part A460. anyone have? thx anyway for the help!

huasze 04-11-2002 01:12 PM

oh yah, i went to zoom once but the people seemed quite ok to me, and they have been replying to my emails as well. what exactly is wrong about them, i'm not old bird, so, enlighten me on it anyone?

ijnek 04-11-2002 07:09 PM

well,i went there once n that was enough 4 mi....
i went wif a friend who was looking for a new kit.at first,things was still ok,then came the error tat my friend made.
he asked us where we were from,n my friend who seems 2 b in a daze,told him we were from m'sia.that's when the bull-shiting starts...
he started showing us an esc which we had nvr ever heard of.ok u might think,since the field of RC is sooo big.BUT when he started saying that LRP Quantum ESCs actually copy the technology from this particular brand of esc,we started feeling tat the guy is trying 2 take us for a ride...n the esc looks so...cheap-stake,without heatsink some more...

anyway,tat was 1 of the unhappy incident,after tat,i nvr went back there...

Kenneth Tan 04-11-2002 07:24 PM

I have to state first that I am not on the side of Mr J. The ESC that he showed you should be the CS Rocket Max. It is quite a high-spec speed controller that does not require any heatsink.... When you haven't heard of it before doesn't mean that it should suck.

Maybe your encounter with the sleazy promoter with lousy marketing skills put you off... which I would completely undertand :rolleyes:

GreenTea 04-11-2002 07:40 PM

Travel a long distance on a horse and you shall know its strength!:D

MAX 04-11-2002 07:48 PM

Huasze: you should sell away what ever HIP you are having.:flaming: :flaming: :flaming: :flaming: :flaming:

GreenTea 04-11-2002 07:56 PM

Originally posted by MAX
Huasze: you should sell away what ever HIP you are having.:flaming: :flaming: :flaming: :flaming: :flaming:
Its "HPI", well, suffers, if hobbied it locally...sigh...:o

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